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ATHENA VOLTAIRE, the adventures of a globetrotting aviatrix, has been nominated for 2 Eisner Awards. Help get this series back into comic shops!
ATHENA VOLTAIRE, the adventures of a globetrotting aviatrix, has been nominated for 2 Eisner Awards. Help get this series back into comic shops!
161 backers pledged $10,450 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Ray Regular on September 23, 2011

      Hi Steve, It's end day Friday and I have not received a package or notification of a package being shipped, as of yet.

      Ray Regular

      Kensington, PE Canada

    2. Jason Wood on September 15, 2011

      Hi Steve,

      My time sure does fly! Seems like only yesterday you were introducing many of us to the concept of Kickstarter and educating us about this awesome service. Since, I've had the pleasure of backing not only your campaign, but many others. Thanks for that.

      I also am thrilled to have that hardcover in hand, that was a treat to receive from you at C2E2.

      All that said, it dawned on me this week that we're approaching the 1.5 year mark since the campaign was funded. I'm sure I'm not alone in wondering when we're going to see the new AV content on the market? I mean, after all, that's what we so happily contributed to the campaign for, right?

      What's the ETA on new AV?



    3. Jeromewalford on July 17, 2010

      Hi Steve,
      I just joined Kick Starter so I missed out on backing you. Amazing work. Thanks for continually giving rookies like me a reason to abandon all hope : )

    4. Steve Bryant 2-time creator on July 11, 2010

      New update posted for backers.

    5. Werner Fischli on July 10, 2010

      Looking forward to new updates on this project. Thanks.

    6. Missing avatar

      Matt Pearcy on May 27, 2010

      Wow, over $10,000!!! Hope this means more Athena Voltaire!!

    7. Ben Eicher on May 25, 2010

      WooHoo!!!! We hit 10k!!!! You all rock!!!

    8. Joey Paul Gowdy on May 21, 2010

      This sounds like a great project so I made a pledge, hope it helps out, keep up the great work and feel free to keep in touch with me here:

      Joey Paul Gowdy

    9. Steve Bryant 2-time creator on May 1, 2010

      Sean, it was great seeing you at C2E2! Thanks for the support on the book!

      Kent, thanks for the sight-unseen support! It was fun talking with Matt (of the LSP) at C2E2. He's a good guy (they all are) and we've talked for years on various forums. They do a great show, too! If you're not listening to Raging Bullets, a DC Comics podcast (co-hosted by the aforementioned Sean Whelan), you may want to give that a try, too.

      Thanks everyone!

    10. Missing avatar

      Kent Hare on April 29, 2010

      This is intriguing. I just want you to know that word is still getting out there. I'd never heard of Athena Voltaire until I was listening to a recent podcast by the Legion of Substitute Podcasters recorded at a recent con where they interviewed you. The description of the project and your enthusiasm interested me enough to check it out and while I can't pledge much, I want to be part of this even though at this date you've well surpassed the $7K goal. Looking forward to seeing the finished project, and I will at some point be picking up the two existing trades.

    11. Sean Whelan on April 12, 2010

      I am so excited for this project. Athena Voltaire is incredible and well worth your support.

    12. Steve Bryant 2-time creator on March 31, 2010

      Wow, not even a week in and we're 35% of the way there! Thank you all so very much! And to those of you on the fence, I really appreciate your consideration.

      Hopefully, we haven't reached a plateau on this. If I may impose on you all again, please consider spreading the word via blogs, Facebook, Twitter, message boards, and good old-fashioned word of mouth.



    13. C.j. Ellisson on March 28, 2010

      I'm interested in hiring you for a project. It would be for a series of 12 drawings depicting the opening chapter of my book, which would be turned into a book trailer.

      Pleas email me if you're interested and we can discuss what it would cost.

      Good luck with this project - I think you're incredibly talented and I wish you much success!