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                            POOL ON 'ICE' TABLE


What the billiard industry needs most is a new generation of players playing actual pool vs. online and video pool games.  A new generation of players can be reached, playing real pool without age and environment restrictions, playing pool at the highest level. The visual appeal of the Pool On "Ice" table rivals any commuter games.

A pro player contacted me from a billiard forum and wanted to know if one could really play pool on this new Pool On "Ice table.  I simply invited him to come to my place, bring his best game, and see for himself. I will just say that he stayed four days, could not win, tried his best to buy the table, and eventually left, but not before giving the table his unsolicited endorsement, writing "This is the best table I have ever seen, bar none."

Others on the forum were knocking the table, sight unseen, and Larry just informed the folks that the Pool On "Ice" table was a lot of fun and they shouldn't rush to judgement. True Story!

I envision large pool play areas with low cost overhead, such as semi- outdoor (screened covered patio environments) with as many as 100 tables per lot, a spectacular site from afar, getting better and better as the tables are approached. The physical exercise and skills development are the plus that will entice parents and children to the billiard scene. 

This PROJECT started in 1997 after hearing announcers of televised pool matches apologizing for the poor quality of the view due to inadequate lighting. I reasoned that if lighting could be placed beneath the table bed, shadows could be eliminated and the total wattage reduced (120 watts), all while improving spectator viewing.

After 15 years of engineering and tweaking, the Prototype is ready for presentation. The Poolonice table is commercial quality and owner friendly in terms of service. The bed cloth is both extremely durable and easily cleaned. The 3 1/2 by 7 ft table (playing surface) is a joy to experience by players of all ages and skill levels. The table itself is virtually indestructible. The massive rails have K-66 rubber and Simonis cloth. Please visit https://www.youtube.com/user/poolonice  for all videos featuring the Pool On "ICE" table and developer Bob Barkhurst.  Thanks!

    Marketing and production are the next logical steps.

   Thank you,

Bob Barkhurst, 

Risks and challenges

The challenges include finding the vacant locations necessary.
An after market service department is essential.
Partner vendor relationships will be formed.
Codes and security are part of the business.
Different materials and looks for the table cabinets are coming.
Overwhelming demand for tables is a possibility, but this is one
problem I look forward to. We will have good people ready to go.

In any event, as we build tables, we will have tables to retail individually
or in quantities. For larger projects tables will be available wholesale.
Down the road, an entire Billiards theme park is in the making, with
many vendors represented.

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