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DUSK is the first clock that continuesly changes shades depending on the time of day. A visual spectacle from dusk till dawn.
DUSK is the first clock that continuesly changes shades depending on the time of day. A visual spectacle from dusk till dawn.
DUSK is the first clock that continuesly changes shades depending on the time of day. A visual spectacle from dusk till dawn.
663 backers pledged €44,919 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. shai graifner 1 day ago

      Where thr survey?

    2. allocacoc 4-time creator 1 day ago

      Hey dear backers,

      In order to better arrangement, address survey for other rewards will be sent from June. Now is address survey for early bird backers.
      Please be patient and thank you for your understanding.

      DUSK team

    3. Seojin Felix Kim
      1 day ago

      No survey for me too, not even in the spam folder

    4. Missing avatar

      Mrs C Grantham-Hill 1 day ago

      Same as Marius - I've not received the survey and have checked spam...

    5. Missing avatar

      Marius van den Bergh Weerman 1 day ago

      In the update you talk about the survey, but I don't think I ever got one? Or maybe it went straight to spam?

    6. Alison Jackson 7 days ago

      I am starting to feel like we are being strung along. I hope this is not going to be another rip off.

    7. allocacoc 4-time creator on May 7

      Hi, Backers.
      We are glad to share the recent situation of DUSK with you.
      We confirmed the details of the installation and discussed with the workers in factory located in Fujian. We are committed to ensuring the quality of the product while completing the production on time, please be relieved and expected.
      Thank you for your patience,
      Allocacoc Team

    8. Levy Rivers
      on May 5

      What's up? We've been waiting to learn about the samples and production - yet you've gone silent... again - What's up?

    9. Missing avatar

      Martin Taylor-Chong
      on May 1


      How was the sample you were expecting last month? And any update for us backers?

      Kind Regards

    10. Alison Jackson on April 10

      Any updates ????

    11. Andrew on April 7

      Hi Team Dusk
      It is now two weeks since your most reason update and I was curious as to how production was going and when the survey will be sent out to your numerous backers, all 663 of them.
      Thank you for answering in advance

    12. allocacoc 4-time creator on March 21

      Dear Backers,

      We are checking all the messages and replying one by one. We have a lot but don't worry we will reply ASAP.

      Currently we are working in a general update with shipping schedule/general info.

      Also feel free to contact us using our email address (please type the name of the project in the subject).

      Thank you for your patience,

      Allocacoc Team

    13. Missing avatar

      Martin Taylor-Chong
      on March 20

      Hi All,

      Firstly, any chance of an update? Been silent since successful backing post almost a month ago.

      Secondly, what's the reason ppl are concerned and wanting a refund? A clear and concise answer would be great, rather than references to "previous" projects etc.

      Cheers :)

    14. Vincenzo Marabotto on March 16

      @creators, please refund my money, otherwise I will have to contact PAYPAL for fraudulent transactions.
      Thank You

    15. Alison Jackson on March 8

      So what's the deal ? Are we all going to be screwed out of money ir are we going to get working clocks in a timely (excuse the pun) manner ? If not then I too am going to be asking for a refund. I'm tired of being screwed over on here ! This will be my 3rd time and I am NOT pleased.

    16. Vincenzo Marabotto on March 2

      No private message received, but instead I send 2 private message to you!

    17. allocacoc 4-time creator on March 2

      @Cecilia @Vincenzo lease check your private messages, we sent you more information on the process there
      @Kurt K You will still be able to order the Dusk on

    18. Missing avatar

      Cecilia.R on February 28

      I have sent lots of messages to your Facebook page and KS private message, but no one replied yet, it has been 9 days, not a single word received from creator. Is there anyway to get in touch with the team?

    19. Vincenzo Marabotto on February 26

      @Creators, I would like a refund too.
      Best of luck for the Future, Thanks.

    20. Missing avatar

      Cecilia.R on February 22

      I wanna a full and immediate REFUND, thanks.

    21. Missing avatar

      Cecilia.R on February 19

      hey there, I messaged many times, but got no reply, please get back to me asap, thx a mil.

    22. Kurt K
      on February 14

      How will this be sold post Kickstarter?

    23. allocacoc 4-time creator on February 9

      Hi Kevin, the mechanism we use has no specific IP rating, so we would advise against bathroom use. For a larger well-aerated bathroom there probably will not be any issue, but we cannot guarantee that

    24. Kevin T. Nelson on February 6

      Can this be placed in the bathroom and withstand the daily shower moister?

    25. allocacoc 4-time creator on February 5

      Hi @Niraj,
      Thank you very much for supporting us by choosing our €2.00 Pledge.
      Unfortunately, we’ve just been informed by Kickstarter that we are not allowed to run a raffle/contest in one of our pledges. Our €2.00 Pledge was indeed offering the chance to win a free DUSK clock for every 10 people.
      So, your pledge has been removed and you will be totally refunded.
      We want to sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. You can still support us by pledging one of our others pledges to receive one (or more) DUSK clock(s).
      Thank you for your understanding!

    26. Niraj Sanghvi on February 5

      Why was the €2 reward tier cancelled?

    27. allocacoc 4-time creator on February 5

      Hi everyone, DUSK is designed by Lu Yicong, a young chinese designer. It is our pleasure to work with such a talented and devoted designer.
      We have an office here in Shanghai, and the product is manufacturing in China so we can follow every step of the manufacturing process and get close to the suppliers.
      We also have warehouses in US and The Netherlands to ship your products once they are ready.
      Thank you once again for your support!

    28. gryphonent
      on February 2

      I'm out. Creator not answering questions fully. Plus showing and track record on KS with the Heng Balance Lamp. This is another Chinese scam. Buyer beware.

    29. Gareth Harrington on February 1

      I was a backer of the Heng Balance Lamp that this creator made under a different account (Allocacoc DesignNest)

      To all backers of this project, please take a look at the comments section of this creators other projects and the comments section of their other account (Allocacoc DesignNest).

    30. gryphonent
      on January 30

      Thanks for your lengthy statement below. Sadly you avoided addressing my question: Please state where the product is manufactured!

    31. allocacoc 4-time creator on January 29

      Hi everyone,

      Thank you for your questions! 

      First of all, I would like to reassure you that the bookmarks are a free gift for all our dear backers. It is not a stretch goal, it’s just a nice exclusive gift from the DUSK designer.

      Thank you very much for all your suggestions for the stretch goals, we are taking them into account. Nevertheless, for now we cannot technically achieve a 50cm clock because the movement of the clock cannot support the weight of a 50cm diameter polarizer.

      We hear your concern about our capacity to ship the DUSK clock on time.

      For the previous project delivery, we have always been very honest and transparent with our backers: so far, we have posted many updates on Kickstarter to let them know why we are facing delays. Once again, we would like to thank our backers for their support, patience and understanding. We really are doing our best to send them the best products.

      The DUSK project has less diversity in style for this project so we should not have to face the complexity of dealing with manufacturing different styles of the same product. We can tell you that all measures have been taken to avoid that something like that will happen again on any new project.

      Thank you once again for your support!

    32. Gabriel Balda on January 28

      I am concerned too, just saw your other project, one year and most people have not got theirs or any new on the status. In spite of having 6 project published the Henge Lamp is your only funded one and has a lot of problems.

      What are you going to do different for this project?

    33. gryphonent
      on January 28

      Please state where the product is going to be produced. I've a string of projects that are having trouble with China and I'm NOT going to back another project dealing with that country. Too many creators aren't experienced to deal with the shifty Chinese irrespective of what they promise and believe during the funding stages.

    34. C Jacobs on January 28

      What is the connection between a clock and a book ?
      I don't read books , butt I need a nice clock .
      A better idea is 2 make a bigger clock
      Like 50 cm in diameter. As a stretch goal.
      Now I pledge the 1€ .
      Why not more you think ? I think the clock is to small ( it's more a kitchen clock ) I prefer a clock at less , of a dimension of 50 cm

    35. Missing avatar
      on January 28

      I dont't read books... :(

    36. Missing avatar

      Bjorn Steens on January 27

      Like many others I'm disappointed about the stretched goal since I don't read books! For sure, as an electronics company you can do much better than that! Have some nice other products from you guys, so for the moment keeping my pledge.

    37. Missing avatar

      Stefan L
      on January 27

      @ allocacoc I just read David Britts post here below and started to look into the Heng Balance Lamp campaign but also the other campaigns you’ve been running here on Kickstarter. There’s seems to be a lot of problem and concern with you not shipping the products on time, and people seems to still be waiting for products that should have been received quite some time ago. I do understand that delays can occur for many reasons, but for me, the repeated delays in more than one of your previous campaigns is making me a bit worried.

      So my questions to you are:

      How sure are you that you can ship this product on time? June/July/August 2018 depending on the pledge
      What have you learnt from previous campaigns to assure that this will ship on time?

      I might drop out of this campaign, but if I do continue with my pledge and the product is not received on time then I will start a dispute and ask for a chargeback, and I do not think I’m the only one, so please be transparent about this.

    38. David Britt
      on January 26

      Check out the comments on “Heng Balance Lamp” and see how the treat backers

    39. David Britt
      on January 26

      Don’t back this project. They have F$#ked up so many in the past I doubt this will ever make it into your homes

    40. Vincenzo Marabotto on January 26

      @ Creators, what about a magnetic ball as attachment to keep it on the wall and if someone wants to move it to a different room just take it from the magnetic base and stick it on a different magnetic base.

    41. Gabriel Balda on January 26

      Feel the same as @Andrea. Stretch goals usually should encourage more people to pledge, or backers to pledge more. Feels like it did not accomplished neither of them.

    42. Missing avatar

      Rolina on January 26

      Cool product. I love @Andrea's idea of coloured clock hands as a stretch goal.

    43. Missing avatar

      on January 26

      Hey guys very cool product but the stretch goal seems really week and not connected to your idea.... there book marks.

      Maybe you could have offered different color clock hands... this way it could give the clocks a bit of color. Orange or yellow clock hands would have looked amazing over the white and black body of the clock.

    44. allocacoc 4-time creator on January 25

      Hi @Bjorn Steens, the total weight of the DUSK is 450g.

    45. Missing avatar

      Bjorn Steens on January 25

      I presume you can use also self adhesive removable screw/nail-type of material:…
      What will the total weight be incl battery?

    46. allocacoc 4-time creator on January 25

      @Argail: Thanks, we totally agree!
      Don't worry, you can easily replace the battery when it dies. It works with a classic 1 AA battery!

    47. Missing avatar

      Tapitapo on January 25

      "Non complex idea" + brilliant realization = great product:)

      Do you think there is any alternative for a longest life clock movement? 6 month is not much

    48. allocacoc 4-time creator on January 24

      @Gabriel Balda: Stay tuned, an update is coming about it! ;)

    49. Gabriel Balda on January 21

      More than 500% funded, lets hear that big surprise :) Hope something exclusive for KS backers! :)

    50. allocacoc 4-time creator on January 16

      Hi @Vincenzo Marabotto: You're welcome! That's a nice idea and you can totally do it by adjusting the polarizing layers by yourself to suit your taste. Have fun with your DUSK clock!

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