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Dice to help resolve any conflict that a geek may find themselves in, like who has the better imaginary super-power. Bazinga!
Dice to help resolve any conflict that a geek may find themselves in, like who has the better imaginary super-power. Bazinga!
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429 backers pledged $13,815 to help bring this project to life.

The RPSLS Rocket is Leaving the Reward#4 Fueling Station!

Looks like the our RPSLS Dice Rocket has refueled at Reward#4 station and is starting its onward journey towards a stellar finish.

Quick update with some house keeping info:

  • If you have pledged for at least one complete set, you will be able to vote for the color of the 5th die when we get to over funding #3 (at $10000).
  • The reward for over funding #4 (at $15000) is a sixth Transparent RPSLS die added to each complete set.
  • The Spock Die is currently shelved pending greater funding and/or interest.
  • Trumping info on die faces is IN, for all dice sizes. Hi-def art pass is underway. Don't worry your geek cred will not be harmed by this change, remember you bought RPSLS dice, that is enough geek cred to last a lifetime! :-)
  • If you upgrade to any 25mm Pledge Level, ALL your dice will be 25mm.
  • If you want a set of 18mm and a set of 25mm dice, pledge at one level and add the cost of the other set to your pledge amount.
  • The Dice Bag will comfortably hold the six 25mm dice, actually it will hold 12+, so let's get to $15000!
  • Remember to check the FAQ. I'm updating it as often as possible.
OK, have you wondered who John (from the video) is and why he is the face of our product not Dave or me? I bet you have. Well, when we get to $8000.00 I'll be sending out a Backers Only update that tells the entire story, along with a video. Something lighthearted that you will surely enjoy.

Finally, all of you are awesome. Your passion for this geek fest matches ours and it's a pleasure and honor to create something that you are so invested in. Remember, to get to Over Funding #4 and a 6th die, we need to pick up the pace. So tell your friends, and ask them to tell their friends.

Thanks once again.

~Sandeep & Dave


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    1. Jac on

      OOH!, Fuzzy Dice is a great idea. Perhaps a future product idea guys?

    2. Missing avatar

      sgllama on

      Thanks for including the trumping info and the re-assurance about the size of the bags: pledge duly increased. But now I can't decide if I actually want to have two sets in different sizes, 'cos if I can get some big furry RPSLS dice as well, then keep swapping to larger and larger dice as the evening continues and the level in the wine bottle goes down...

    3. Becky Pusch on

      just letting you guys know that you got me. I am now in for a total of 3 sets, 2 small sets for playing & gifts and one large to break up for geek gag gifts. :)

    4. Sandeep Creator on

      @cris: The people that will be producing the final product do AMAZING work. You'll be surprised (pleasantly) at how good they will look. :) Thanks for the support.

    5. cris on

      I don't like the trumping info, I think the trumpings are to small to look nice, even on the 25mm dice. But I'm IN for the 25mm dices.

      Let's go for 15k I want the 5th and 6th dice!! ;)