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DIEMONSTERDIE wants to release their 8th studio album, to be entitled "October 21, 1976" on limited edition 12" vinyl LPs.
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Shane Dee

90 backers pledged $6,382 to help bring this project to life.

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18 days to go.

Ahoy, Meaty here! I want to thank all 47 people who have reached into their pockets and donate to this project. It really means alot to the four of us! I want to reach out to the people who are thinking about donating, the people that are waiting to donate, and to the people that are debating with themselves about donating...

DieMonsterDie have been a band for 12 years, we have released 7 studio albums, and simply put we are NOT done yet... With this line-up: Zero, Stikki, Windhawk and myself, I feel in my bones, this IS the strongest, smartest, most talented set of Monster's this band has seen, the material we have written so far is stellar, will it ever see the light of day? this is in your hands, OUR friends OUR family..YOU the person reading this, that has not yet donated can make the diffrence, the wait to see if we will reach goal has been INTENSE.. we want to believe, we have made some small dent in  people's lives, that have listened to us.

All of you are welcome in the DieMonsterDie family, everyone, from the fan's that where there from the beginning, to the person listening to their first DieMonsterDie song on Spotify right now! All are welcome.. and your SUPPORT is very much needed..

Don't wait, if you can, donate now. Share the DieMonsterDie  kickstarter on Facebook and Twitter tell your friends,  again thanks to everyone who has donated, who plan's to donate, and who is donating right this minute.. thank you from all of us..

Zero, Windhawk, Stikki and Myself I say thank you very much..



We surpassed $3,000. Halfway there. Because of you, this is becoming reality.

When we launched the DMD Kickstarter four weeks ago, a shadow of doubt was cast early on...a lot of people said it was a long shot. That DIEMONSTERDIE doesn't hold the same global audience and staying power in name and legend as bands like Blitzkid and the reincarnated Misfits. And, truth be told, I knew the odds were stacked against us (they usually are), as we had been far underground in terms of being active on the internet (for years), up until very recently. But despite our (some would say realistic) pessimist thoughts regarding the idea, we all sensed it was possible even if it was a long shot. And so, we have been on this roller coaster for 34 days now. I am happy to write that, as of this posting, the Kickstarter page I spent weeks planning out, has (after only 34 days) accrued over 760 likes, has had well over 3,000 page hits and has raised $3,178 of a $6,000 goal between only 40 people. To me, that is truly incredible, a wonderful thing. Something to behold for this band that has struggled through some very rough times. That DMD could return from the shadows of relative obscurity and jump straight into the eye of the horrorpunk scene once again and be greeted with such enthusiasm, respect and love from our fans, our contemporaries in this genre of music and our friends and family has been truly inspiring to me in all the best ways. As I prepare to travel back to Grand Rapids to lay my grandmother's ashes to rest later this week, I take comfort in knowing despite my sudden lack of a computer during this trip, as the clock winds down on this journey we have all taken together, the fate of our Kickstarter project, of our campaign, of our music could not be in better hands. If you believe in DIEMONSTERDIE, as we do in each and every one of you, please, take it upon yourselves to see this record funded...share the link, strike deals with the whatever you see fit to see this thing through. THIS IS YOUR RECORD. It's not just about us anymore. It is about men like Darren Subarton who's spirit will live on in our music, it's about all you 9-5er's who get through each day in hell listening to our music and write us telling us how much you care. It is about people like Steven Godfrey, a man who's dedication and conviction in seeing us succeed has been nothing short of astonishing. In a nutshell, it is all up to you folks now, we have started this crazy train and we're past the halfway point in our time limit, now our fans will decide where it ends up. It's all or nothing with this effort. We love you guys. I hope to see you on the other side...and this coming year I also hope to be busily mailing out our 8th studio album on 12" vinyl to all of you true horrorpunk heroes who have worked so hard to make it all possible, not only for us, but for you and for future generations of the horror punk scene.

Stay bloody! All my best,

Shadow Windhawk


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Zero Delorean says thank you everyone!

It's June 23 and this kickstarter project just hit 31% of our targeted funding amount with 49 days yet to go, I think this is going all the way, people!  I just wanted to take a moment to personally thank all of you selfless, generous fans who are making this possible.  Horrorpunk is a small part in the overall music scene and no one is more surprised than I am to see such an outpouring of support for Diemonsterdie.  You guys are making all of this possible, not only for the band, but for the people who may not be able to donate or even have not yet heard of the band or the genre of horrorpunk.  Your support of this thing we all love means a lot.  This upcoming album is going to be some kid's first introduction to the genre, somewhere out there in the world, and for that we all owe you a round of applause.  It's the least we can do, to voice our appreciation of your support and I hope that you will treasure the assorted goodies and the sweet, sweet vinyl lp, again it's the least we can do.  You're a part of the story, both of the band and the entire genre.  I am re-energized knowing that you all believe in Diemonsterdie as much as Windhawk, Meat, Stikky and I.  It's going to be one hell of an album; one that I believe will be the benchmark used by other bands in their own efforts. 

Now, it's my understanding that all you donators will receive this message in an email and that it also posts on this kickstarter page, so allow me to sign off by saying once again:  Thank You Everyone!!!

Humbly yours,

~Zero Delorean

18 backers, $1,360.

The generosity of our fans (you guys) continues to warm this monster's cold, black heart. Thank you so much, everyone. All 18 of you who have backed our project thus far, you will not regret it...we will shower you with brand new DMD stuff, funds willing. ;) Just in the short time I've been up this morning our Kickstarter hit $1,360. We are at 22% of goal now. Amazing. It has never felt more clear to me. This is OUR time. Not just for DMD, but for you guys, the fans, to claim a part of our history, of our lives. This record is yours as much as it is ours. To everyone who's ever said we can't keep going this long, to every major label that has turned their nose up at us, to everyone who has said that we aren't good enough, that our music isn't good enough, that we're too much and our masks are stupid...yeah you keep trying to knock us down, but guess what? We're still here. And we ARE going to be releasing our 8th studio record in this deluxe vinyl package and we ARE going to distribute this album on our own. This means everything to us, thank you all. We still have a long way to go, but we have 50 days. I believe in this. Thank you for still believing in us, too.

Shadow Windhawk


First 10 backers :)

Hey guys, thanks for being the first 10 backers of our 8th studio release!! We love you!! Be sure to spread the word about this page so others can find us easier...remember if we fail to get $6,000 in pledges by August 11, we get nothing and the record will be put on hold. However if we do make this money, expect us to shower you with a wealth of awesome new songs and DMD merch / art prints, etc. ;) We have reached 13% of our $6,000 goal in the first 4 days, which I think rocks!! Let's keep it up, encourage your friends to donate...even a dollar helps, every little drop of blood counts. :)

Much love, 

Shadow Windhawk