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States of Nations is a short documentary that explores what Americans know about the Trail of Tears.

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The idea for States of Nations originated in the Spring of 2010, after having spent a year in Montana and realizing how little many Americans outside of Oklahoma seem to know about one aspect of American History: the removal of over 45,000 American Indians from their homeland, which resulted in the death of 1/4 to 1/3 of those removed. 

As part Choctaw and a descendant of some of the survivors of the first Indian removal, this story is personal to me – I grew up hearing about the Trail of Tears, and about Indian Territory and the history of Oklahoma. It's clear that knowledge of this brutal history is regionalized, but should it be? Shouldn't we all know the true history of our country?

Instead of fuming about our collective lack of education and knowledge, I decided to find out what we as Americans do know about Indian Removal and the ethnic cleansing attempted by the US government. Is the widespread ignorance on this subject simply just one example of how our education system is failing our country, or is it something deeper than that?

The States of Nations project is my ongoing quest to attempt to answer these questions and to uncover what we as Americans know about Indian Removal, as well as to bring insight into the state of unawareness in which we chose to live in and perpetuate.

In addition to continuing the informal interviews as seen in the short film, I'll be interviewing historians, teachers, and experts on Choctaw cultural history. I intend on walking the length of one of the routes of Choctaw removal to document my journey to explore the true routes and roots of American History. 

Financial support will help me with traveling costs, and will enable me to purchase sound recording equipment and camera gear to expand this 13 minute short film into a half hour documentary. My Kickstarter goal is only a portion of the total budget, so I appreciate all support. I must raise my entire goal of $1200 in order to receive the funds through Kickstarter, so please help me spread the word!




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