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A book of legendary epic villains for use in your 4th edition D&D game. Read more

Lowell, MA Games
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This project was successfully funded on November 8, 2010.

A book of legendary epic villains for use in your 4th edition D&D game.

Lowell, MA Games
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About this project

Support a Different Kind of Monster

Worldbreakers debuted on At-Will to very positive response. A lot of people asked me "Why don't you make a book?" Here you go!

This Kickstarter project, if funded, will create a 32 page B&W PDF that includes the stories, statistics, and illustrations for nine completely original and thoroughly playtested monsters. Some of these monsters have been released on At-Will. By the time they appear in the book, they will have gone through extensive playtesting (happening right now) and will be fully-edited and tuned for actual play. About half of the monsters will be completely new. Most importantly the book contains rules and advice for making your own worldbreaking monster!

The money will be used to pay our artists (including industry veteran Jared Von Hindman), our graphic designer (Daniel Solis, creator of Happy Birthday, Robot!) and our writers (the incredible At-Will staffers!).

What is a Worldbreaker?

Worldbreakers are legendary villains! The presence of one of these villains is so much that reality can barely contain it. A Worldbreaker just doesn't attack -- for brief moments it changes the nature of reality around it. Worldbreakers change the terrain and world state around them, altering the way the game is played. These legendary monsters bring entertaining and off-beat attacks and environments into your campaign that your players will never forget.

Not Just Statblocks

Worldbreakers are not just collections of statistics and attack expressions. We tell the legend of each monster so you know why and how it became what it is. You can drop these monsters in your campaign with a sense for who they are and where each has been.

For example, Kaimonn the Blooded (illustrated above by Jared Von Hindman) is a troll gladiator champion who lost control of his powers of regeneration. Abandoned by his keepers and his fans, he waits for challengers to enter his empty arena. In battle he temporarily creates an aura granting all living creatures regeneration but also curses those same creatures with the inability to control the regeneration, inevitably causing more harm then good.

Etherkai, The Nightmare Dragon is a dragon tortured in the underground realms for centuries. He escaped his imprisonment and now seeks revenge on his tormentors and all living creatures. Etherkai opens up the world of his own nightmares and attacks his enemies with the powers and entities contained within.

You can find these two monsters on the site, but the final playtested versions are dramatically different. About half of the monsters will be completely new, never seen on the website or anywhere else.

Worldbreakers are just not the same old monsters! By funding this project you will bring these monsters off the screen and to your table.


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    You get a copy of the PDF when it is complete and will be listed in the donor acknowledgements.

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    Same as above, plus a bonus (non-illustrated) PDF of 6 creatures that are not included in the main book.

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    Same as above, plus I will make create a special worldbreaker just for you. You tell me what it's about, I give you a PDF of the monster.

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    I'll do the custom worldbreaker, plus you can get a B&W sketch illustration from one of the artists on the project.

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