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Let's print a summer issue from The Crow's Nest editors's video poster

The Crow's Nest editors got together over the summer to create a new summer journalism tradition at USF St. Petersburg. Let's print it. Read more

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The Crow's Nest editors got together over the summer to create a new summer journalism tradition at USF St. Petersburg. Let's print it.

About this project

How many student journalists does it take to screw in a light bulb? These days, probably two; one to screw it in and another to report, photograph, record, write, edit, package, publish and tweet about it.

Welcome to journalism in 2012.

But that's not why we're here. This summer, editors from The Crow's Nest at USF St. Petersburg met up and decided to publish a newspaper. Our usual schedule runs from August to December and January to April. But the news doesn't take a summer break. Why should we?

The Summer Nest will catch you up on everything you missed while you were hitting the beach. And boy, a whole lot happened this summer. From Regional Chancellor Margaret Sullivan's departure to the (almost) completion of a new dorm complete with dining services, the USF St. Petersburg students return to this fall will be completely different. We've got articles about all of that, and more. Meet the interim chancellor, learn about the early stages for the new College of Business building and check out the front page story about USF St. Petersburg's odds in a hurricane, aptly titled "Uncharted Waters" for our first summer issue.

We decided how many journalists it takes to screw in a lightbulb. We discovered it takes only a small staff with gumption to create a student newspaper. The only question left is, how many people does it take to fund it? We hope you'll help us find the answer to that question.

The Summer Nest is available online at and on our website, but we'd like to hand a copy to every student and parent on move-in day, everyone who comes a little early to buy books and supplies and those of us who have stuck around all summer. That takes money. We're here to let you know what's going on, and this time we need your help.

A few hundred dollars will print the 1,000 copies we regularly print. A few beyond that will give us enough to print additional copies, so every student can have one. Any extra money will go toward the continuation of this new tradition--a summer student newspaper at USF St. Petersburg. We've worked hard to keep you informed about your campus. Will you help us?


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    You love journalism. You love USF St. Petersburg. You love us. Whatever the reason, we'll give you 140 characters on pg. 4 of The Summer Nest to write whatever you want--as long as it meets publication standards. Advertise your business. Tell your girlfriend you love her. Congratulate your student. Sell some stuff. Keep it clean, and truthful, and we'll print whatever you'd like.

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    Double your money and we'll double your character count. You get 280 characters on pg. 4. Simple as that.

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    Wow. You really want to see this issue. We meet generosity with generosity. For $100, we'll give you a special framed edition of the first ever Summer Nest--sure to be worth money when we're all winning Pulitzers some day--and a special thank you message from the staff. Heck, we'll even throw in those 280 characters on pg. 4. You deserve it. (Framed edition is U.S. only. Any international backers are responsible for shipping costs.)

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