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Brian SandersBy Brian Sanders
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Brian SandersBy Brian Sanders
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pledged of $60,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Sun, November 27 2016 4:25 PM UTC +00:00


ClearLight Recessed Lighting LED Retrofit Project

Why our ClearLight Technology LED Retrofit for recessed light fixtures is important?

• Provides a low power, low heat, easily installed, and serviceable replacement for fluorescent tubes

• Provides a viable alternative to high wattage, high heat, and expensive prior art LED fixtures

• Demonstrates that LEDs can produce superior light without heat sinks or cooling fans

• Proves we can greatly reduce global energy costs while providing bright, safe, cool, long-life lighting

• Provides a lighting system that maximizes the benefits of renewable energy generation

What will this Kick Starter Funding Project provide ClearLight?

Having completed a 3 year R&D process that addressed the complaints concerning current LED lighting designs, this $60,000/60 Day Kick Starter Project will:

• Provide funding to finalize the design engineering for both the 2’ x 2’ and 2’ x 4’ retrofit modules

• Provide funding for Underwriters Laboratories (UL) safety certification for North America & Europe

• Provide funding for Design Light Consortium (DLC) certification for utility rebate qualification

• Assist interested domestic and foreign distributors in moving forward with their marketing programs

What does the Kick Starter Backer receive for a pledge of $100 or more?

A ClearLight Technology DIY LED Array Lighting Kit consisting of:

• One high-quality ClearLight 9” Cool White LED 11 watt Array (same array to be used in production)

• One industry standard 24 VDC LED Driver (AC to DC Power Supply)

• Four lever-locking wire connectors (much easier to use than wire nuts)

• Four snap lock nylon array supports with adhesive mounting pads

• A User Manual w/ complete specifications, build instructions, tips and expansion options

What will build Kick Starter Backer’s comfort and confidence in funding ClearLight?

• What Kick Starter Backers “Bank-On” is, after their project funding has been received by the creator, that the Project goals are successfully reached.

The ClearLight Recessed Lighting LED Retrofit Module represents the implementation of a professionally designed and manufactured electronic LED assembly made here in America.

All phases in the preparation, assembly and testing of these modules have been developed to insure delivery with utmost customer satisfaction.

The design of the modules, including the components to be used to manufacture, insures successful receipt of the certifications. It is a process we have been through before.

• After funding is received Kick Starter Backers will be able to track the progress of this Project via regular posts to our Kick-Starter page.

• Backers having built the DIY Kit into their own configurations can post their projects. Successful Kit builds will re-enforce in you the confidence we have in our LED Lighting System.

• Success with this Project and subsequent Retrofit Module sales will allow us to move forward with further development in both the interior and exterior lighting markets as we expand our heatsink-less LED product lines.

Risks and challenges

As we have been through this before, we have anticipated the possible problems that can arise in the certification process. Should there be issues, we will have no problem addressing them and attaining the certifications we want.
The certification process will have no effect on the distribution of our pledge reward.

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