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I am building an participatory rooftop in the Cantor Rotunda Gallery at the Brooklyn Museum! Support to collaborate and make awesome!
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Week 1 (aka end of second install week!)

Hellooo, lovely Backers!

I wanted to let you know whats going on, it is happening so fast, thanks to you!!

So, we finished securing the trusses, most of the framing and half of the roof sheathing. Now we slow down a little to think about details and materials a little bit while we await delivery of shingling and siding. 

There is a "bling" moment, I teach my students about, that happens for an artist with great works. They search for the perfect color, or shape, or object for their work and there are a lot of good choices, but nothing is quite satisfying enough, nothing fits the puzzle quite yet... then something happens not really logical, and quite unpredictable, but dependable, nonetheless... that moment when that thing is found and the anxiety around it is gone.  I've been searching for a way to present the center of my shrine and I have had a vague picture in my head but nothing quite worked the way I wanted until I went to Build It Green and found this...

Of course! So the shrine is where the fireplace would go in the Schenck house! (shhh, don't tell anyone). BLING.
And guess what! I looked on the back of the salvaged hearth and found that it was made on MY BIRTHDAY, May 3rd, in 1853!! I'm sorry but you just can't make this stuff up! Kismet...

I'll leave you with one more sneak peak of satisfaction. I was building some of the wall structure behind the shrine and looked up to where the chimney will be...


More next week.


<3 Heather <3


    1. Creator Felicia Megginson on March 28, 2012

      Can't wait to see this! Amazing double H!

    2. Creator Marty Fernandes on March 19, 2012

      Heather, Thanks so much for sharing the two latest amazing details of your project! I wish I could see the finalalized project but as I can't, I'm enjoying the experience thru your updates, keep 'em coming!

    3. Creator Jason Scott on March 19, 2012

      awesome. yes I can attest to some *bling* moments. they are to live for.

    4. Creator James Holliday on March 17, 2012

      Looking great heather! As one "mason" to another, some thing happen for a reason. Love the process.
      Jamie Holliday
      Owner Holliday Masonry
      Woodinville WA