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I am building an participatory rooftop in the Cantor Rotunda Gallery at the Brooklyn Museum! Support to collaborate and make awesome!
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I still haven't forgotten you

Posted by HEATHER HART (Creator)
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I didnt forget about you...

Posted by HEATHER HART (Creator)

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Stations of the Roof

Posted by HEATHER HART (Creator)

An amazing couple weeks. I hosted a meditation at the Roof with Questionbridge where my neighbor and elder, Grandmaster Kham guided the public for an hour. Then this weekend I hosted Stations of the Roof, a pilgrimage to the Eastern Oracle! The museum sold out of tickets in the first half hour for both hour-long slots of interaction! You can see the pictures on my facebook page here. Essentially I made a map of stations you could interact with for free including: Diane Vreeland Massage Therapy, Hair by Topher Gross, Chess with Rigoberto Sabio and friends, Nightlight Astrology and Makeup by Vesta! It was PACKED and wonderful.

And I didnt forget about you, my beloved Kickstarter backers. I'm just a little slow. So working on your rewards getting out now with no other distractions. :D



Tearing the Roof Off the Mother

Posted by HEATHER HART (Creator)

Thanks so much for your patience!  I promise you will all get your rewards, it is just taking me a bit longer to get them all together in the midst of some great Rooftop activities. :)

The Roof made TimeOutNY's Critic Pics a couple weeks ago and it's been one of the most popular exhibits at the museum right now!  I did a little "lecture" at the Rooftop on their Target First Saturday celebrations in May where we played the telephone game:

And there were people queued to visit the Roof all night!

I will be co-hosting a free meditation session at the Rooftop on May 25th that should be fun and June 2nd, First Saturday planning is in the works and super exciting!

Raising the Roof,
Heather Hart

Week 6: Dancing on the Ceiling...

Posted by HEATHER HART (Creator)

This week has gone so quickly! I meant to update you over the weekend and this week is almost over.

I have posted some of the reception photos at this link along with some documentation of our first public program at the Brooklyn Museum. Doowan Twuthers, from Seattle, made a guest appearance on the rooftop on Saturday while the public built personal shrines.

I also wanted to post snapshots I took of the names scrawled on the rooftop. If you want better documentation by a photographer, I'm happy to refer you to my professional photographer for an image (obviously not these :) ).