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The World's Most Flexible iPhone Dock
The World's Most Flexible iPhone Dock
4,541 backers pledged $212,265 to help bring this project to life.

You Asked, We Listened!

Posted by Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken (Creator)


Many of you have asked me for an update from my New York meeting with the factory. We have been holding out on that update for a few days so that we could give you as much exciting news as possible! Keep Reading...

Petite Bobine

The first big announcement is that we have reached a funding goal that allows us to offer something that many of you have asked about. We would like to introduce you to Petite Bobine! All backers will have their choice of either Une Bobine (24 inches/600 mm) or Petite Bobine (12 inches/300 mm). You can also mix and match if you have pledged for 2 or more Bobines. Why not grab one of each! One for your desk, car, night stand, kitchen counter, anywhere you need your iPhone. Head down below for some prototype photos!

Here are some answers to the questions I'm sure you have:

- Why Petite Bobine? - we always wanted different lengths because each length has advantages in different settings (car, desk, night stand, laptop, desktop, kitchen, and others). But we didn't want to do too much right from the start or have unrealistic goals. You have helped us get to the funding we needed to offer both choices!

- How do I pledge and make my choice? - We like things simple. You don't need to choose now. Every pledge level that includes Bobines will have the choice of Une Bobine or Petite Bobine. The survey we send out at the end of the project will include a form to make your selections at that time.

- If I pledge for more than 1 Bobine, can I choose some of each? - Absolutely! You can mix and match whichever Bobines you choose. One of each, two of the same, any combination you need. And remember, you don't need to choose when you pledge. We'll send out a survey when the project is completed asking for your choice along with your shipping address.

USB Extension Cable

The second big announcement is the one we're really excited to share about a USB Extension Cable! If you've watched our "Bob" video, you know that we prefer to do things a little differently than everyone else. The standard approach would be to ask you to increase your pledge or to offer an extension at higher pledge levels. But we didn't want to do that. Instead, we have set a goal of $90,000 for the total project funding in order to package a 3 feet (900 mm) USB extension cable with EVERY Bobine! These will be included at absolutely no additional cost with every Une Bobine and Petite Bobine that is shipped as long as we reach the $90,000 goal. Please help us get there quickly by sharing with your Facebook friends, posting tweets, and spreading the word.

And please remember to vote for Une Bobine at You can vote once per day!

Thanks Kickstarters,

P.S. We might have more up our sleeves once we cross this next goal!

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    1. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      Lee, i should have some photos showing it with the note early next week.

    2. Missing avatar

      Lee Martin on

      This will be AWESOME! Can't wait to hook it up with my Galaxy Note, it'll be like a second screen. Great idea :)

    3. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      Thanks Joren!

    4. Joren Wynants on

      Really amazing product! I can't wait for mine! So i can make a review for all the Belgian folks :p

    5. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      Thanks for the comment Trevor! We're just as excited as you to start shipping them!

    6. Trevor Dennis on

      This is fabulous. Great job with this project. I'm looking forward to both the Petite and fully fledged Bobine. It can't come soon enough.

    7. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      Thanks for the comment Andrea!

    8. Andrea on

      The petite is nice, but I think I'll stick with the long which seems just more versatile. I'll probably get a Petite when Bobines will be successful retail products! :-)

    9. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      Thanks Robbie. We're glad you are excited about it!

    10. Robbie Turner on

      Excellent news - the Petite makes a lot of sense!

    11. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      Frederik, yes, it is intentionally not the coil material so that you can get it easily around your desk, night stand, etc to wherever you need to plug it in.

    12. Frederik Devos on

      Oh, I thought they would be made of the same coil material.
      But that wouldn't make sense :p


    13. Frederik Devos on

      Oh, I thought they would be made of the same coil material.
      But that wouldn't make sense :p


    14. Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken 4-time creator on

      Frederik, The first samples we received for the extensions are black because those are the most prevalent ones made. So I chose to not post a photo and confuse people. We will be building white extensions to match the connector ends. They look very similar to most USB extension cables you will see.

    15. Frederik Devos on

      How does the extension cable look?