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Two students examine storytelling through the lens (haha, film joke) of the Vietnam War.

We've always had a fascination with the Vietnam War, not only because it caused a great deal of political turmoil, or because many of the soldiers that fought in the jungles have strange tales to tell, but because we all have friends and family whose lives were altered because of it and we want to pay tribute to their struggles. This semester we have the opportunity to bring the jungles back to life and give new meaning to the war.

The film is the re-telling of some mysterious events that take place in the jungle when a small squad of men stumble upon a young woman amongst the wreckage of a village. The story is reminiscent of short stories by Tim O'Brien (The Things They Carried), and deals with some of the same themes.

The main themes we wanted to explore include the act of storytelling and the difference between reality and memories. As women filmmakers, we are also always interested in the female experience, especially since both the film industry and the military are two fields that are heavily male dominated. Thus, the film also deals with both the unique bond between men at war and how it is possible for a woman to fit in with her male counterparts.

In order to make all of this happen we need a little funding to help pay for costumes, props and the set. We live way up in New England, where the foliage doesn't look particularly tropical, especially in autumn. So, instead of going to the jungle, we are building our own, and not just any jungle, but an expressionistic scrapyard jungle.

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