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Maximize energy output. Minimize environmental impact. Solve the energy crisis. Save the world! 45 minutes, Ages 14+, 1-4 players
Maximize energy output. Minimize environmental impact. Solve the energy crisis. Save the world! 45 minutes, Ages 14+, 1-4 players
Maximize energy output. Minimize environmental impact. Solve the energy crisis. Save the world! 45 minutes, Ages 14+, 1-4 players
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    1. Missing avatar

      Sean Algate on April 9

      And a recent update from Nathan now. Health issues - understandable absence. More communication wouldn’t have gone astray but totally understand.

      Can’t wait til the games are shipped.

    2. Missing avatar

      Kyle Alexander on April 8

      Thanks for the update Vicente.

    3. Vicente Sivera on April 8

      I have been doubting to do this for a while, mostly because I don't know the implications (legal or otherwise) of me speaking out. I was working with Nathan on the project, doing artwork and taking care of other visual stuff (rulebook layout, printing files for the box, etc.).

      At the same time, I was working with the manufacturer and I can tell you that the game is done.

      But, somehow, at some point Nathan became more and more unresponsive and at this point I don't know anything about his status.

      So, whatever this is, it is not a scam. I can assure you that Nathan spent lots of hours revising and making me update the rulebook with small details. Nobody would go that far for a scam.

      In any case, it's a pity this didn't happen, specially for those of you who put money on it :/

    4. Jane Trudeau Smith on April 4

      Kyle - this is Jane from Table for Two Show - we actually showed his game on our show when the campaign first started. We still have a copy of the sample game even. He was VERY vocal about thanking us for showing it, tweeted us all the time and then like everyone else it all just died - I have reached out every way I know possible, including pinging his employer saying that I was a concerned friend that we have not heard from him and NOTHING....nothing from anything I have tried, and I am so disappointed along with the rest of you. I hope he is ok, but like you said no friends, family or anyone has come forward to say it really is starting to feel like a take the money and run thing...... first time this has happened to us on the show, but we no longer do KS shows now because of it.

    5. Missing avatar

      Kyle Alexander on April 3

      I’m not expecting any news to come out of lexcon. The nimex games website is outdated and hasn’t been updated. Nor his Facebook or linked in. Nimex is the company he set up with his mom and Dad. Why has no friends or family come here to defend Nathan? I think this is a scam with everything looking right on paper. The websites. The news articles. The pictures and testimonials of the game.

      Some basic internet sleuthing turned up a place of employment at an engineering firm in Ohio not far from Kentucky. I didn’t pull the string on that though. I’m drawing the line at calling his employer.

    6. Missing avatar

      Sean Algate on April 2

      Actually, that’s a lie. Forgot about some other measuring spoon thing that hasn’t happened either.

    7. Missing avatar

      Sean Algate on April 2

      @John - cheers mate!

      @Garrett - good luck!

      @Nathan - hope you come back and fulfil this for us - only ks I have backed that hasn’t filled in some capacity!

    8. Missing avatar

      on March 16


    9. Missing avatar

      Kyle Alexander on March 5

      Lex con is in April and Nathan is scheduled to be there. Another backer is also going and will report back. Check back mid April.

    10. Missing avatar

      on March 4

      Any news?

    11. Missing avatar

      John Silveira
      on February 22

      This was going along so well and then it appears to have completely fallen off the rails! That’s really too bad

    12. Missing avatar

      Kyle Alexander on February 22

      In other news Planet Apocalypse looks freaking awesome. From the same guys who did Cthulhu Wars. Co op tower defense style game with huge minis

      Check it out!

    13. Missing avatar

      Charles McKnight
      on February 21

      So it looks like another case of "take the money and run." So disappointing.

    14. Missing avatar

      Kyle Alexander on February 19

      You’re our only hope lol

    15. Missing avatar

      Garrett Mantor on February 19

      I’ll be at Lexcon. I will be at a coordinators meeting on Wed and can see if anyone has heard anything from him?

    16. Missing avatar

      Kyle Alexander on February 18

      Anyone going to lex con?

    17. DungeonMaster Nift is Garbage.
      on February 14

      25 games I have received after backing this. And they where backed after this. @ John I think most of us have wrote this one off. I have back a lot of games. And so far this seems to be the only one that has utterly failed. But, hey he did back lexcon 2018 you may be able to find him there. Worth a shot if you are trying to find him.

    18. Missing avatar

      Kyle Alexander on February 10

      Again, no one has had contact with him. Are any backers *actually* friends or family beyond Facebook friends? If so no one has spoken up. And in the off chance Nathan does give an update, I doubt he would want to give up the game. Last we heard the game was on the schedule to get printed but got bumped for a game from a heavy hitter right before gencon. So the game is developed and done, allegedly

    19. John Coveyou (Genius Games)
      on February 10

      @All - I would really like to develop and publish this game under Genius Games. If we did so, EVERYONE would receive what they pledged for!

      If anyone is able to get in contact with Nathan, please let him know to reach out to John Coveyou at Genius Games (john at geniusgames dot org). I am really sorry to hear about all the trouble everyone is having but I really hope that we can still make this a reality.

    20. DungeonMaster Nift is Garbage.
      on February 3

      @outer limit games 6 months with no communication is not very professional. I know it is just a game and things happen but, it is not hard to keep your backers in the loop. I do hope nothing dire happen to Nathan But at this point I am not sure if the no news is better than bad news applies.

    21. Outer Limit Games, LLC on January 22

      @All - Just a FYI, I'm friends with Nathan on Facebook and haven't seen any activity from him there since October. I met him at Origins a couple years ago and he demoed GoE for me. I can say that he is a very sincere and professional person, and it wouldn't be in his nature to just ignore anyone. I'm personally worried about him, and hope everything is okay. I can wait on the game, it's a great game, but it's just a game.

    22. Missing avatar

      Lisa on January 21

      Hi, I've been trying to reach Nathan. since I have now moved and would like to change my address. Have heard nothing for the past weeks..How do we request a refund?

    23. Steven Schwartz on January 20

      I find the fact that he has been ignoring us for the best part of 6 months absolutely disgusting. Without us, there would be no game and no potential customer base. I will never back another game by Nathan.

    24. Missing avatar

      Yoann Noblet on January 16

      I reported the project as this is no longer acceptable...

    25. DungeonMaster Nift is Garbage.
      on January 12

      And I quote “Bottom line: when you back this tabletop game, you're backing a finished tabletop game :)”

    26. DungeonMaster Nift is Garbage.
      on December 30

      If you check his back projects he back a project back in September I think it ended in Oct so if he has time for that he should be communicating to us. Plus he is going to be a Lex con 2018.

    27. DungeonMaster Nift is Garbage.
      on December 30

      I could agree with you all about life happens other than the fact he was at Lex con and, gave no update before, during or, after. I have back a lot of game and never have I seen the long of silence and out right ignoring of backers and, I am a backer of lobotomy which was extremely late but at least there was updates some of them seemed a bit sketchy at times. I have been quite patient but, as of now I have reported this Project.
      If Nathan does ever get this game to us, I would have to really think about supporting him on another on.

    28. Tony Krug
      on December 27

      Well, life happens, and sometimes it can set one really for a loop - and a significant sidetrack. At this point the project is only a little more than an half year late, and seemed to be going strong until August. I am thinking we will hear in a while about some major life catastrophe overcome, and the project will get back on track.

    29. Missing avatar

      Kyle Alexander on December 19

      Unfortunately that probably won’t happen at this point. I’m just hoping everything is ok with Nathan and his family because I can’t think of any other reason he would continue to ignore the project.

    30. Steven Schwartz on December 19

      Due to lack of contact with backers, I would like you to consider my request for a refund.

      I have reached out to you on Facebook and this also has been ignored so far. I have unfortunately lost all confidence in you and request a refund.

    31. Missing avatar

      Sean Algate on December 16

      How long ago was Lex Con?

      Shame if he is just being silent though. I still live in hope the game will soon be ready.

      If it’s a manufacturing issue, then tell us!

    32. DungeonMaster Nift is Garbage.
      on December 15

      Yeah he was at Lex con seemed fine there. His silence is destroying his reputation and probably the faith of his backers.

    33. Missing avatar

      Sean Algate on December 15

      Hope he is ok. Was fairly active around until a few months ago.

      We look forward to hearing from you soon buddy!

    34. Jane Trudeau Smith on December 7

      This is so odd, we showed this game on our show and he was very active on Twitter for the longest time thanking us and appreciating us doing it. I have messaged him on Twitter now too as he follows our page and......Nothing......we just pray he is ok now as it seems weird for him to be "so" active and then nothing...... wish there was a way we could know.

    35. Missing avatar

      Kyle Alexander on November 25

      Happy Thanksgiving Nathan. Hope all is well with you and the game and looking forward to the explanation of your three month silence.

    36. Missing avatar

      Yoann Noblet on November 22

      Jeff the link you posted doesn't exist anymore, bad sign...

    37. Jeff Dunbar
      on November 21

      Have tried to message across all the different Facebook names/groups and nothing back. Tried this one today .. asking for an update for everyone.

    38. Missing avatar

      on November 18

      Has he answered on any comments or messages in facebook? It would just be nice to know whether the project is still going to happen. I don‘t mind waiting, but any information would be great......

    39. Missing avatar

      Andrea Baldini
      on November 15

      I checked internet and it seems alive in Lexington, Kentucky .

    40. Missing avatar

      Kyle Alexander on November 14

      Can anyone who is friends or family confirm that Nathan is alive and Ok?

    41. Missing avatar

      Andrea Baldini
      on November 12

      Obviously this project is dead. And to answer to outer limit games, i'm not sure that the author is at workshop, or he should gave at least a monthly update , two sentences " i'm alive and all right" . Ah, @olg, i'm still waiting my copy of tau ceti

    42. Jan Franco
      on November 11

      Do they receive notifications whenever we post a new comment?


    43. Missing avatar

      Kyle Alexander on October 29

      Last KS log in July 13th

    44. DungeonMaster Nift is Garbage.
      on October 27

      Yeah, especially when you see that Nathan can take time to back another ks project and not take time to post to his backers. Seem to me that is just bad on his part.

    45. Missing avatar

      Kyle Alexander on October 25

      Outer limits, as a project creator you probably know that 2+ months of complete silence for an overdue project is way too long. Our concerns are not unfounded. There are even Con directors asking questions on here which makes this seem even worse. There is no proof Nathan is hard at work. This is a poorly run project and Nathan needs to address his silence in the next update, if it ever comes, especially if he plans on continuing his career as a board game designer.

    46. Giovanni Wassen
      on October 24

      Tradewars at least gets updates ;)

    47. Outer Limit Games, LLC on October 23, 2017

      Can everyone just relax? I'm sure Nathan is busy working on things and you all have nothing to worry about. As a fellow project creator and a backer, I fully understand the complexity and time these projects consist of. Whining and complaining isn't going to help speed things up. We'll all get the game at some point, but you've got to give Nathan space and time to make it happen. Don't worry, be happy! :)

    48. Greg Franseth and Chris Grzywacz on October 21, 2017

      Hey Nathan, any news on when this is coming out?

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