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Armada Online is a (currently playable) science fiction action RPG about survival and evolution.

Armada Online is a (currently playable) science fiction action RPG about survival and evolution. Read More
pledged of $180,000 goal

Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on September 17, 2012.

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About this project

New project title:  Armada Engine

(I will add a link here if I am able to.)

It feels good to have 111 people cheering you on.

Kickstarter has given us the opportunity to adapt our project to better fit their system by resubmitting.

When I shut down this first attempt, it will cancel all pledges.  If you pledge to the new Armada Online project page, that surge should help us get noticed, and potentially featured more prominently in their system.  The narrower funding goal will also help.

Together, we can introduce Armada Online to a larger audience, while working within an evolving system that has the potential to be the best place to launch original games.  I should be able to continue communicating with you through their interface.

Thanks for your support!

[I would have preferred to have the new page up and provide you a link before closing this page, but KS prevents me from having 2 active projects.  The new project page called “Armada Engine” should be up within a few days.  It includes more options for developers to get resources they can use for their own games.]

A preview about the game that has links to more information about us:

We're on Valve's new Greenlight page!

[Distributing through Steam would help share the game with the world, give us a lot of flexibility in pricing, and reduce our costs tremendously.]

What is Armada Online?

Armada Online is an action role-playing game, set in a colorful science fiction universe.  You take command of a starship and battle hordes of biomechanical aliens.  As you warp to different regions, you will engage in new challenges, such as summoning stations to defend against incoming waves, or fight in pvp arenas, or hunt elite aliens across star systems.  Gain levels to allocate skill points, learn special skills, and customize your ship to take on more difficult challenges.  An interesting thing about our game is that we started by making what is typically considered “the end game” and made it rewarding for players of different skill levels, so even in its present state, it is highly replayable and welcomes mixed groups with different play styles.

What makes Armada Online worth playing?

The freedom, the human connection, the easy interface, and the high replayability keep me interested.  Gameplay ranges from MOBA, to TD, to casual exploration, depending on the area.

I like that every aspect of the game is built around multiplayer.  AO is a 100% server-based game similar to a synched RTS structure, which prevents cheating, but also makes it so that everyone sees the same thing, making online play “actual” instead of “approximated”.

From our first working prototype, we left the game and servers open to anyone who wants to play.  We believe operating as a multiplayer game is an essential part of making a solid multiplayer game.   We understand skepticism about game quality, but for the people who like this sort of game, AO is awesome.  Please, try it out:

Why Kickstarter?

Because you support creative work.  KS seems like an optimal path for getting interesting games made.  It is very encouraging to see what you’ve started so far.

Our funding goals will allow us to focus 100% on new player ships, aliens, development of the story and random missions, and upgrading the server.

All backers have our sincere appreciation and thanks, and will be given credit in the game.  All pledges also earn all lower tier rewards.

Any money we raise will enable us to expand Armada Online and to release more assets for public use.

Our first priority will be to transfer AO to a scalable cloud server to accommodate more users.

Jump in and discover Armada Online for yourself.

Thanks for checking out the game!


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  1. Select this reward

    Pledge $12 or more About $12 USD

    Gain access to the Beta.
    Receive backer desktops.
    Receive a 47-page digital annotated art book.
    Credit in the game and on the website.

    Estimated delivery
    7 backers
  2. Select this reward

    Pledge $24 or more About $24 USD

    Digital download of the release version of the game, all updates and expansions.
    Digital download of the AO musical score.
    [+all above rewards.]

    Estimated delivery
    41 backers
  3. Select this reward

    Pledge $32 or more About $32 USD

    I will make a character portrait based on your likeness. Send me an 800x600 jpeg photo of you, tell me your likely character name/type/style. It will appear in the game at 32x32. I will send you a higher res version.
    [+all above rewards.]

    Estimated delivery
    10 backers
  4. Select this reward

    Pledge $48 or more About $48 USD

    Gain early access to Tier 4 ship upgrades.
    Gain early access to the release server.
    Your account will be added to an early test list, and be backed up on three backup servers. We do no plan on purging test accounts, but this one account will for certain not be purged.
    [+all above rewards.]

    Estimated delivery
    21 backers
  5. Select this reward

    Pledge $99 or more About $99 USD

    Upgrade one account to an Elite account. Elite accounts have 6 extra character slots and an optional Commander flag when logging in. Commanders can choose to appear on a dedicated page of the friends list seen by all players.
    [+all above rewards.]

    Estimated delivery
    29 backers
  6. Select this reward

    Pledge $1,000 or more About $1,000 USD

    Receive digital 3D models and special effects art resources from AO, and all art assets from Armada Arcade (android).
    [+all above rewards.]

    Estimated delivery
    1 backer

Funding period

- (30 days)