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RES : The Ultimate Solution for Non-stop Hi-Res Music while Wire and Wireless Charging for iPhone 7
RES : The Ultimate Solution for Non-stop Hi-Res Music while Wire and Wireless Charging for iPhone 7
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Solve the Challenges - Sound Quality Issues


Dear backers,

It's a long time you didn't hear any news from us. Nevertheless, we are constantly working on improving our product, fixing some bug on Sound quality issues.

we are experiencing further delays in the shipment of RES DAC. We have had to reject a number of the casework components for Sound Quality reasons and are working hard to deliver to remaining Kickstarter in the very near future. We apologise sincerely to customers affected. 

Now we work on a new circuit design to fix the sound quality problem, RES DAC has thrown up numerous challenges which we have done our best to overcome, however, knowingly shipping products that are less than perfect is not an option. If you have specific concerns or wish to discuss your order with us directly, please contact us at the following e-mail address 

Kind Regards,

RES Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      mikko Vartiainen 3 days ago

      hey great updates and progress, keep up the good work....NOT


    3. Missing avatar

      Kiyoshi Matsutsuyu on

      I used to back lots of projects. But this total scam made me leave Kickstarter and never back anything again.

    4. Jason Law


    5. Marcio Silva on

      Where is this ?

    6. Ercin Gokhan Tunc on

      I complaint to Kickstarter 5 times and then online Freud office in US. Nothing happened!!! These thiefs just got away with our money and there is absolutely nothing we could do!!!

    7. Wai Tang on

      please show me your real office address and the real person before you talk about your project

      and one chinese work for your tem

      my post at last year
      Dear All,

      I just use their info to search their office.

      they leave this email for content using:

      so, I use this domain to search the domain contact:

      then I got this address: UNIT A2, 3/F BLOCK A, CHUNG MEI CENTRE, 15 HING YIP STREET, Hong Kong

      this address is proximity my office (just one Street), so I have tried to go to their office.

      then this is the photo of "3/F BLOCK A, CHUNG MEI CENTRE":

      I only can go the "3/F" can't to "A2, 3/F", but the company name is shown of "Sun Rich Clothing Co Limited" not "uhi-res" / "Gadget Creative Lab"

      also, I have to check their domain ( IP address, it shows this: , a free version so I only can get three domain.

      but one domain "" still links up to another project, and same status with us?

      Dear Gadget Creative Lab / Ka Yin Liu

      it is your turn now, you still missing our more answer/reply about Our question.

    8. Missing avatar

      Kawika Boyce on

      Where is the product dipshits?!!! You take advantage of this platform and take all the backers money and have not even shown us a working prototype! Not some computer generated animation, but a real, live working article.

    9. Missing avatar

      Graham on

      Could i get a straight answer please? Did I make a mistake backing this project? Is my investment lost?

    10. Missing avatar

      Allen Polikoff

      What is the current timeline/status of the device? You state that we should comment on the updates if we wish to communicate with you, but it doesnt seem like there are any replies...

      The current Kickstarter terms state that if a project is unsuccessful the backer must make the effort of providing refunds along with a number of other items such as the reason for failure, detailing the finances of the project/how money was spent, etc.

      The last update was extremely vague. If more detail can not be provided then we will have to go through Kickstarter to get a refund and transparency we are requesting.


    11. 林語丞 on

      I would like to know how to cancel my order

    12. Missing avatar


      I changed my mind. Please, do not send me anything. Thanks a lot

    13. Missing avatar

      Edward Azevedo

      WTF! Another lies update! Give some picture or photos if your team are doing something of products. Atherwise, REFUND to all backers!!!

    14. Missing avatar

      Eric on

      I would like a refund

    15. Missing avatar

      Hisato Watanabe on

      Stop reporting lies to hide things not doing anything. If the production is progressing, put the pictures and post the detailed corrections.

    16. Missing avatar

      Law Patrick on

      Will your products shipped to us until iPhone11 was released?

    17. Cardel Quaiatto

      They’re alive!

    18. Benson Ong on

      I'm NOT INTERESTED in your products anymore.
      Your last updated was 4 months ago
      "Dear all supporters,

      It's a long time you didn't hear any news from us. Nevertheless, we are constantly working on improving our product, fixing some small issues.

      So that’s it for this update. Thanks again for being patient with us. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below. We’ll try our best to answer them and we’ll keep you guys updated about the reward fulfilment progress.

      Thanks so much for your patience and again for all your support!

      Cheers to you all :)

      RES Team"

      And you still working on it!!?
      That's unacceptable

    19. Missing avatar

      Martin Wilson on

      Of course it's been long enough now, I received my iPhone X four days ago. So, before you ship mine, please confirm compatibility. Thank you.

    20. Missing avatar

      Martin Wilson on

      It's nice to see an update.......

    21. Sir Fatboy

      I would like a refund

    22. naturalpop on

      WTF for fake update, now iphoneX is already release but you dont have delivery the RES product for iphone 7. how long we must waiting for you??

    23. Phil Brown on

      I think they leave these updates every few months to placate kickstarter and any backers that haven't already realized this is a scam.

    24. Missing avatar

      Fred Elkins on

      What would have been helpful here is a statement that read like "However, with all this being said, we expect your product to ship around ???". While certainly better than your last non-update, still very much a non-update