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Men should be comfortable in their own skn, and they should be even more comfortable in their underwear.
948 backers pledged $56,035 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Mark Vargas on February 20

      So, I've sent TWO emails now regarding this topic and no one has gotten back to me about it. So in regards to the underwear, the pair of underwear do not fit me right, they are too tight and I was wondering if I can move up to the XL size rather than L. I wanted to be able to also change the size because i'm still waiting for the bonus pair. Please let me know if there is something we can do

    2. Creator Sharon Wolfe on January 27

      Kicked in for two pairs for my hubby and he LOVES, LOVES, LOVES them. He says they're the most comfortable underwear he's ever owned. In fact, I just put in an order through the Bearskn website for a 4x4 pack of trunks. As soon as they come in, I'm getting rid of his saggy butt boxer-briefs. :)

    3. Creator Wade Davey on January 21

      Got mine today! Woo who!

    4. Creator Jody Koenig & Bjorn Ryan-Gorman on January 14

      Hey Ryan and Kevin, We sent out an email explaining the the Kickstarter Bonus pair is on backorder and will be shipped out to you as soon as they come in. We don't have an estimate of when at this time.

    5. Creator Ryan Owens on January 14

      Guys, love the cut and feel... just a tad tight, i might need to go up a size. What is the process of a return? Great work though, well done..

      Also I was wondering the same as Kevin... assuming another survey will come out soon?

    6. Creator Kevin on January 13

      Hey Jody/Bjorn,

      I got mine, and they feel great. I had the 4x4 pledge, and I was wondering if or when the extra/bonus/exclusive print pair were coming out since we had the 50k bonus?

      "Because we reached $50K everyone at the STANDARD PACK PLEDGE LEVEL ($26 LEVEL) and above will receive one additional pair of the Kickstarter exclusive print."



    7. Creator William York on January 13

      Hi. Package arrived safely. Why do I have 7 4XL and 1 6XL?

    8. Creator Matthew Mawn on January 13

      Jody and Bjorn, I really like my underwear that I ordered. It's comfortable and guys me just as anticipated, but I have one question. Will you be releasing a boxer bread style in the bear future? They're my favorite style of underwear and I'd love to see you expand by tarting with that option. I know it was a previously a stretch goal so my hopes are high! Keep up the good work you two, I know some people are being a little rude and antagonistic but just keep doing your best to make all of your customers happy. Thanks!

    9. Creator Jody Koenig & Bjorn Ryan-Gorman on January 12

      Hey Dillion we would love to fix the issue with your order. Please email us at and we can get your all sorted out. Thanks Jody

    10. Creator Michael Harwick on January 12

      Perfect fit, perfect packaging, pretty perfect product. As I said you know you're in the presence of greatness when you have them halfway on and say "I wish I ordered a few more..."

    11. Creator Larabic on January 12

      Just got my package today, tried them on, actually impressed. Don't usually like things that fit like these... or so i thought. Will have to give them a full days test drive but so far so good!

    12. Creator Dylan Ginsburg on January 12

      Forgot to mention I got trunks. The Bear Skn 3x fits more like Hanes 2x. The width around my hips is a little tight but I could live with it. But the cut around the thigh isn't even close. It digs into my leg and is quite uncomfortable. Its disappointing to have spent $90 on underwear I can't wear.

      Also, I was sent five pairs of 3x and a single 5x. They should have all been 3x. I'm curious to try the 5x but I don't want to open them in the hope I can exchange all of these.

    13. Creator Dylan Ginsburg on January 12

      I received my underwear today and I must say I'm disappointed in the fit. I ordered a 3x (which is my normal size) and I have a 50 inch waist. They are way too small, particularly around my thighs. They are too uncomfortable to wear. I thought something designed to be comfortable for large guys would be generously cut. Hanes 3x are more comfortable than these.

    14. Creator Jody Koenig & Bjorn Ryan-Gorman on January 6

      Orders are shipping and we will have tracking numbers on Wednesday. Be on the look out for your orders! Let us know when you get yours!

    15. Creator William York on January 5

      An update would be nice. Daily updates would be better.

    16. Creator William York on January 5

      An update would be nice. Daily updates would be better.

    17. Creator William York on January 5

      An update would be nice. Daily updates would be better.

    18. Creator Anthony W Fitzwater on December 31

      Ok so here is what I know. First we told Shipment would be before Thanksgiving. Then We are told before Christmas, The after the 29th of December. Now its 12/31/14 an still nothing shipped? When were you really going to ship them after the new years?. Fascinating, I am trying to understand this. A regular business would have had the item to sell before the started marketing! Then they shipped the item the day it was bought not months later. Even new businesses need product first before need. Even my hobby I had to have a qualitative service before i was ready to be of use to my client! I am trying to understand not be mean or angry. If this how a real businesses starts and conducts business? Did i go get my training and skills and procedures and the the product before i started getting clients. Hmmmmm. If I am wrong tell me.

    19. Creator Anthony W Fitzwater on December 31

      12/31/14 still nothing

    20. Creator MissYourMark on December 24

      Please disregard last comment. For some reason, yesterday's update didn't show up right away but now I see it. Sorry to jump to conclusions.

    21. Creator MissYourMark on December 24

      Hmmmm, last I heard you were hoping to ship them before Christmas, and now it seems like we aren't even going to get an update before Christmas. There are a lot of things that you can't control in the production process, but the one thing you CAN control is the amount of effort you put into communication. I am disappointed.

    22. Creator William York on December 22

      Yay! Thank you gentlemen. :-)

    23. Creator William York on December 22

      Once again you aren't telling us anything we don't already know. You have a responsibility to keep your backers in the loop, not in the dark. You should have informed us the instant you ran into difficulties and given us the details, with an updated shipping estimate. Bottom line, you need to communicate far more often. At this point, if you want your investors happy, then we need at least one full update, followed by updates every three days.

    24. Creator Anthony W Fitzwater on December 21

      copy and paste time. Sounds like they are not listening!

    25. Creator Jody Koenig & Bjorn Ryan-Gorman on December 21

      We will be fulfilling our rewards. This is a very long process and we are only a month off of our PROJECTED delivery of November.

      Please remember that we and many other Kickstarter projects are new companies and have to get production completely figured out once we are funded. Thank you for helping make this all happen but we also appreciate your patients.

    26. Creator William York on December 21


      I believe an update is in order. We funded you, but you have not made us a part of the process.

      Have we backed the wrong horse?

      When are you planning on honoring your agreement?

    27. Creator Anthony W Fitzwater on December 20

      Hmmm Looks like a lost cause

    28. Creator Carol Standish on December 20

      So I guess I can forget about having these for Christmas?

    29. Creator Anthony W Fitzwater on December 18

      Still not shipping I see

    30. Creator Jody Koenig & Bjorn Ryan-Gorman on December 10

      Hey guys all the orders will be shipped out at the same time. We are expecting to get the shipment before Christmas and out to you ASAP. Thanks again for all your support. Its been a wild ride!

    31. Creator William York on December 10

      Hi. When can I expect delivery? We are well past the Nov. 14 date. I see you're taking orders on your website. When do us original backers see some Bear Skin Love?

    32. Creator James Jones on November 25

      Anymore updates? It was said that they would be shipped by now? I am really excited to try these on! Also is there a possibility that I can change the size? I have lost a bit of weight since the time I purchased them...

    33. Creator Jody Koenig & Bjorn Ryan-Gorman on November 16

      Hey guys make sure to check out the Updates section for more information!

    34. Creator Alexander James Aavang on November 12

      Do we have an estimated ship date?

    35. Creator Kenneth Brown on September 22, 2014

      Even a "Holy Crap!" we're too busy to update!" update would be reassuring.

    36. Creator Geoffrey Hebel on September 15, 2014

      so are you fine gentlemen going to keep us all informed as to the progress with updates?

    37. Creator Adam Winther on August 14, 2014

      Got the survey but no mention of the unlocked pair. Is that a separate survey?

    38. Creator Henry on August 14, 2014

      I can't wait to receive my new underroos!

    39. Creator Jeffrey Richter on August 13, 2014

      I'm excited for ya'll and to try my first pair. Congrats!!

    40. Creator Michael Fitzgerald on August 13, 2014

      Congrats! Can't wait to get mine! Thanks for the opportunity!

    41. Creator Jeff Wright on August 12, 2014

      Congratulations! I see I'm not the only one looking forward to putting a pair of these on! All the best.

    42. Creator Mark Stanley on August 12, 2014

      Congratulations guys. Looking forward to wearing your creation.

    43. Creator Stuart Campbell on August 12, 2014

      So happy to have been part of getting you to market. Also very excited to receiving underwear that finally fits well. #BearSkn #bearscots

    44. Creator Matthew Mawn on August 10, 2014

      Wow! weren't you guys at 46k just yesterday?! That's a huge jump! Congrats guys!

    45. Creator Michael Ponce on August 9, 2014

      Woof! Can't wait to model them!

    46. Creator Joseph Lau on August 7, 2014

      I love the idea of "men of size" actually being underwear that fits and my but isn't hanging out all the time.

    47. Creator Jody Koenig & Bjorn Ryan-Gorman on August 4, 2014

      Just a heads up to everyone asking questions in this comment section. We can only message you back if you directly send us a message.

      Also we will be collecting all size, color and shipping information in a survey after the campaign is completed.

      Jody & Bjorn

    48. Creator Kevin on August 4, 2014

      Curious as to what the difference will be between the current standard briefs, and the 100k goal Boxer Briefs? (Longer legs?) In my opinion, the current briefs now sort of resemble boxer briefs, maybe a little shorter, but not as short as some would call, "Tighty Whiteys"? Also, the difference between the trunks as well, or are those what we would consider the "boxers" style? Maybe I'm just confused. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks and can't wait for this product!

    49. Creator John Ott on August 4, 2014

      Come on guys, lets push to total up. I would love to hit that 100K goal, would love these in boxer briefs. :)

    50. Creator Thomas Rizzi on July 14, 2014

      I ordered 4x4 but actually want 8 standard briefs. (I also don't like buttons :) Can that happen in the survey portion?

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