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Flipzoids is the story of three Filipino immigrants who are figuring out who they are in their new American world.
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Closing performance

Well, it has come down to the final performance of Flipzoids today at 2pm and everyone on the cast and crew are very grateful to have been able to produce the show here in Juneau. And again, thank you to our Kickstarter supporters for helping to make it happen. 

We've been very blessed to have a wonderful Filipino historian here in Juneau, Christine Marasigan, who has been leading talkbacks the last two weekends. Great dialogue happening between the artists and the community. Lots of individuals finding a connection to different parts of the story. A young Filipino man last night commented how much Flipzoids represented his life and that he wanted to bring his parents to the last show today. Another woman, non-Filipino, who had immigrated to the US at a young age, shared with one of the actors how she had always felt like she didn't fit in here. Flipzoids helped her to understand her own personal history.

As the director and producer, it has been a great experience to be a part of creating this dialogue. Theater, for me, has always been about learning about something new. It's about sharing and communicating the deepest parts of ourselves. Theater keeps my mind active and I think that's why I keep doing it. 

Well, off to the theater... 



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