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InkCase Plus is an always on E Ink second screen; uses sports/fitness apps, an eBook reader, display Photo and receive notifications.
1,513 backers pledged $206,743 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. OAXIS INC. Creator on

      The wallet pouch is NOT the universal FitCase. It is just a pouch to hold the InkCase Plus only.
      Yes, all backers will get their choice of FitCase and a pouch.

    2. OAXIS INC. Creator on

      yes besides the universal FitCase, we will also honour and build those 500voted models,

    3. Jid Ofole on

      Good effort for those who want bulky 'murses'
      I'm still happy with the device without the extra material.

    4. Missing avatar

      Saba Siddiqi on

      I like this solution. Great idea! I would have preferred a side opening rather than a flip top opening, but I'll assume you have your reasons for making it a flip-top rather than a case that opens from the side.

      I was actually getting worried because I'm planning on purchasing the Samsung Note 4 once that comes out, and I was worried that any Fitcase that I buy for my current phone (the Note 2) is just not going to be transferable. But a universal case would suit both a Note 2 and whatever dimensions that Note 4 comes out in.

      Just ONE thing... would you make it an option to add on a purchase of an extra universal FitCase at the end of the kickstarter campaign. I think I'd like two of these cases... one for tearing up and modifying and experimenting with, and one as back-up in case the modifications don't work.

    5. Colin Ewen on

      I don't like this option, what about the headphone / charger connector at the top / bottom of the phone?

      Side wallet like is a lot better.

      Will you still have the Samsung galaxy s4 case or have you scrapped all mobile cases for this universal design.?

    6. Eduardo Caranicolov on

      I didn't like that Universal FitCase. You will send the specific FitCase for the 500+ voted models?

    7. Missing avatar

      Heather Bartels on

      I agree that the universal design is pretty poor. The top flip design creates a serious problem when taking photos with your phone, as well as looking unwieldy. As long as I will still be receiving the side flip Nexus 5 case, I'm happy. If this case is replacing the side flip cases, I think a lot of people are going to be very upset.

    8. Michael Potts on

      In update #8, this was said, I hope this means that you can pick between your specific case and the flip case, though it seems to be worded to suggest that you would get both.

      Creator OAXIS INC. about 6 hours ago
      We will send out a survey at the end of the funding period. You can tell us which FitCase you want.
      The wallet type pouch will be free since we met our stretch goal of $200,000

    9. Orçun Erman Karagöz on

      I am so excited on this project but this universal case is so awful useless and unfriendly.

    10. Chip Downs on

      What would be awesome is if you could license the paperwhite technology from Amazon, but I have a feeling they aren't going to let that go.

    11. C Hau

      From my understanding, there will still be specific FitCases for phones that received more than 500 votes - users get to choose their FitCases in the end-of-campaign survey. Would the Creator please confirm?

      This universal FitCase is only for the phones that received less than 500 votes - and I believe this is a nice solution, as it would be very difficult to make hundreds of FitCases fit for various phones. And a flip-up case might be the only way which can cater for the cameras of different phones (flip-to-the-side designs probably cannot). I am only concerned if the phones can be securely held onto the FitCase.

      And can I get a Universal FitCase in addition to the HTC FitCase that I am going to choose? How much more do I have to pledge?

      Keep up the good work.

    12. Mansur A. Usmani on

      Don't exactly see this as an option for the phones that got more than 500 votes. Please make separate FitCases for each phone that won in the poll similar to the current S5 design and if you want have these for those phones which had not got enough votes to get their own FitCase. Please clarify this.

    13. Mohammed Al-Shemmari on

      This is not user friendly for taking pictures. This means I'll have to use both hands to take a picture. One holding the case the other handling the phone. Not to mention how annoying to shot a movie in landscape. Also, the design of flipping up to open the case and not to the side is also unfriendly. Having a specific case for every phone is what makes it professional and efficient. It what made me back this for 2 different phones .Making the decision to make a universal case is half assed and cheap. Plz consider .

    14. Rolando Pizziconi on

      How work the phone locking system?

    15. Missing avatar

      Henning on

      It looks great - thank you for thinking of all the "other" phone owners who backed you!

    16. Steven Chorkley on

      If this means that you're no longer making a case for the Galaxy S5 as stated, I will refuse to back you.