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SEQINETIC “sun” glasses are a calorie-free way to beat the winter blues. They offer the bright, white daylight you’re craving.
SEQINETIC “sun” glasses are a calorie-free way to beat the winter blues. They offer the bright, white daylight you’re craving.
95 backers pledged $8,370 to help bring this project to life.

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The story continues: SEQINETIC 3.0

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Dear all,

Just to let you know that the highly improved third generation of SEQINETIC is soon available on

Due to the kickstart we got via your contribution on Kickstarter we have been able to make the winter time more tolerable for quite a lot of people.

Thanks a lot!


November is just around the corner...

Dear Backers,

A year has gone by (more or less). We hope that SEQINETIC will be of good use to you all this season (the whole season, that is).

If you feel like helping us one last time, then please go to this page (in Danish) and press the 'like' buttom to the left (as indicated on the screen dump):

Inside the frame it is stated: Recommend the product. The most recommended will participate in the final voting for 'The Reader's Prize'. The voting ends on Sunday! 

Have a great weekend and a happy Autumn!


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Dear Backers,

The first products will be ready for shipment on 24 January 2012 (that's tomorrow).

We all thought that we could get all the shipping addresses from Amazon Payment - so no-one actually bothered to check that - and of course we can't!

So please reply asap to the survey sent to all Backers in the physical reward categories. We will ship asap thereafter to the addresses provided.

In the meantime pls. find a photo of some of the main housing parts of SEQINETIC with the electronics waiting for the final assembly:


Will revert with more photos soon!


Dear all,

We have been busy solving big and small issues and coordinating deliveries of components from different parts of the world.

We now got all parts ready for assembly - except for the electronics which will be shipped to us on Friday 20 January (the big and small issues were mostly related to this delivery). Here is a photo of the plastic part inventory:


We expect to receive the delivery of electronics 3 calendar days after shipment - and we will then immediately assemble, test and ship the products. This we expect to do in less than a day.

So we expect to be able to ship products in the week starting with 23 January. ETA will depend on the local postal service but we will try to pick the speediest delivery possible. 

We, too, want you to get a lot of benefit from SEQINETIC during this season and before Mother Nature solves the problem... But no worries: The Month of November is scheduled to appear again in 2012!

Before we ship we'll check all addresses. Will revert on that.

Until then you can see this small video from the lab where we did the light measurements (apologies, in Danish and without subtitles).

Getting ready!

We hope that you have all entered 2012 in great style.

The SEQINETIC Team has been busy following up on things and getting the quality just right.

The electronics parts are being manufactured as we speak (or write). The plastic parts will be manufactured tomorrow (e.g. Monday 9 January 2012).

For your information is a photo showing a previous design iteration of the plastic parts. Please note that no colours were added to the plastic to make it easier to fine tune the surface finish and getting the tolerances just right. All imperfections (a few are visible on the photo) have been dealt with and we're very pleased with the design.


When finished, all parts will be air mailed to us for final assembly, quality control and packaging.

Before we ship the products we will (re)check the addresses we got from Amazon payments. Will revert with more info on that issue very soon.