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MinuteBot Base is a thick, robust base plate that can be used for construction of robotics based on LEGO Mindstorms.
MinuteBot Base is a thick, robust base plate that can be used for construction of robotics based on LEGO Mindstorms.
MinuteBot Base is a thick, robust base plate that can be used for construction of robotics based on LEGO Mindstorms.
169 backers pledged $13,743 to help bring this project to life.

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MinuteBot - an offer you can't refuse!


Dear Backers,

Long time, no see!

We are doing a bit of 'spring cleaning' - and at the same time we want you to put some MinuteBot Base Plates into good use!

So they are up for sale with 50% discount on our site (for a limited time only):

The Base Plates are from a subsequent production batch where we fixed some small inaccuracies in the first batch.

With respect to planned new MinuteBot products the answer is: You never know...

Now go build something great!

The MinuteBot Team 

MinuteBot in the US

Dear Backers,

We hope that you have fun with your MinuteBot Bases!

We've been busy with other project but we're still tinkering with the other members of the MinuteBot family. We will let you know when something concrete happens (which will be the last 'spam mail' you get from us, promise)...

We just got a dealer in the US (like to shop here): The Product Farm.

Apart from the fact that they are avid LEGO builders, the Product Farm folks also provide a great customer service! They also made the coolest photos of the MinuteBot Base ever seen!

So thanks for making it possible for us to have so much fun!


The MinuteBot Team 

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Wrapping up - and new stuff!

Dear Backers,

Thanks for the first cool creations and kind comments. They really made our day(s)!

A few issues:

1) Some have received Bases with transport damages. Pls. let us know so we can ship replacements.

2) We forgot to ship extra Awards to a few Backers. We have sent those separately.

3) Jetro, the 1st prize winner, has received his engraved Base!

4) Out of 169 packages only 1 seem to have vanished completely. If you have not received anything yet then pls. let us know. For a few Backers, we received the mailing address pretty late so for those a few more transit days is to be expected.

5) Last but not least: Our next project: MinuteBot BrainPower is now ONLINE at Kickstarter. Please feel free to check the project out: We are curious to hear your comments, ideas and thoughts!

Thanks for being such great Backers!

The MinuteBot Team

MinuteBot Base enabled creations!

Dear Backers,

We can see that you now start to receive the MinuteBot Bases. If you have not received your reward yet then please be patient for a little while longer as the postal service may be a bit slow!  

If (read: WHEN) you build something cool using the Base, then please feel free to share the link (as James just did - below is his first creation). We'll embed the videos in this update so hopefully we'll soon have a small collection of videos!

Have fun!

The MinuteBot Team (busy tinkering with a new member of the MinuteBot family... more to follow)

The (growing!) collection of cool creations using the MinuteBot Base:

James Wiger:

Dr Dude:


Olivier Didieu:

FIRST team Westside:

Collecting shipping addresses

Dear Backers,

We have now emailed you all asking for shipping addresses (or other info depending on how you backed the project)

If you have not received any email, then please check your spambox - and let us know.

We have a lot of MinuteBot Bases looking for new homes and exiting applications!

Thanks for making this project come true!

The MinuteBot Base Team