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The Comicverse follows the humorous adventures of the staff of a comic shop on a space station: a young man and a Chinese dragon.
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Steve Peters

31 backers pledged $492 to help bring this project to life.

Comicverse #2 Coming Soon!

Bianca Alu-Marr and Steve Peters would like to thank all the backers who made the Kickstarter fundraiser for The Comicverse #1 a success. Thanks to the funding, they were able to create Comicverse buttons, magnets, a promotional postcard, and The Comicverse #1 Special Edition, featuring a cardstock cover, 3 extra sketch pages, and a 2-color version of the "Desire Is Overrated" piece on the back cover.

The inside front cover of the Special Edition included thank-yous to all Kickstarter backers; they will also be listed in the upcoming The Comicverse #2.

The Comicverse #2 will debut at SPACE in Columbus, Ohio on April 21 and 22, 2012.

In The Comicverse #2, the comic shop on the final frontier is visited by a creature who has a bad reaction to an alien energy drink. The confused creature soon goes crazy, shape-changing into the characters in the comics in the store, wreaking havoc and yearing the store apart! The situation soon goes even more out of control as guests begin to wander in at the worst possible time!

In a new backup feature, the reader gets a web-surfing tour through a space encyclopedia that reveals some of the mysteries behind the Comicverse space station and the aliens that play an important part in the series.

For those not able to attend SPACE, there is a limited-time pre-order for the book which includes a piece of art from the issue: