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$1,256 pledged of $15,000 goal
By Catherine Pedrick
$1,256 pledged of $15,000 goal

Michael Breneman of Michaels' Fuchsias Galore and Exotic Begonias

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Michael Breneman on September 13, 2017
Michael Breneman on September 13, 2017

    This will be the last update, as I must announce that there has been a tragic turn of events which I have been praying would result in better news by now. Michael Breneman was on this way to work his last day before retirement and had a sudden massive heart attack. He was transported to emergency where they were able to put two stints into his heart. But he suffered a great deal of brain damage due to an unknown length of time when he was not breathing before the paramedics arrived. And he is going to require long term intensive care.  

     Because the nature of Michael’s agreement with Alladin Nursery was verbal and based on mutual trust, it had been thought that the same arrangement would be continued with me. Michael and I were to discuss the details of how to maintain the remainder of his inventory and personal collection from the 17th of September and onwards. I had offered to allow him continued use of the greenhouse of at least 100 square feet and more if he needed it until a greenhouse could be built at his home and his awesome begonia collection could be safely moved.  

     I stated earlier in the campaign that I would not be earning any proceeds from the sale of Michael’s inventory and that was true. I did not wish to announce further details until Michael and I had agreed upon how I would be reimbursed for assisting in the sale of his remaining inventory and it’s on-going maintenance. As we never got a chance to do this, Alladin Nursery has decided that we had no agreement at all and has chosen to not have me take Michael’s place there. I have removed all of my equipment and supplies. But I was not able to relocate Michael’s collection, nor take my own, as the owners of Alladin Nursery do not recognize the verbal agreements Michael and I had prior to this tragedy. So other than what I was able to help Michael take to his home prior to his heart attack, his entire remaining collection is now out of both of our hands.

     Although it would still be possible to me to do everything stated in my proposal if the funds did become available, as I already had an extensive collection of upright fuchsias and much of the necessary equipment except a greenhouse, I have not been able to put the time into this effort which was needed because I have been assisting his life partner during the last two weeks as we scramble to sort out everything necessary to keep his affairs in order and spend as much time with Michael in ICU as possible.  

     So the pledges to date are not hopeful. And it has become necessary to find immediate full time work to replace the loss of over a month’s income and the expected income from a percentage of the sales of his inventory after the 17th of September. Which translates into not being able to monitor sensitive cuttings and microscopic seedlings in such a way as to ensure their survival. I have found a full time job which will require me to work six days a week. Although I am thrilled to have found a job so quickly, it is going to take all of my time now.  

Thank-you all for your interest.  

But most important of all, please pray for Michael Breneman.

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      Colleen Chapman on October 1, 2017

      Oh Cat! I am so sorry it didn't work out for you. You work so hard to reach your goals and something always happens. So sorry about Michael's condition.

    2. Janet Bariolio on September 30, 2017

      Oh, I am so very sorry to hear this. You all will certainly be in my prayers. I wish you the best, Catherine �