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I'm Creating a very addictive video game that people will be talking about for years to come. Most of code finished just need Graphics

  • The Lore

Peace was among the inhabitants in the  land of  Zasthyer. Dragons, orcs,elfs and humans lived amongst each other civilly,until now. 

The dragons, as affable and docile as they were, we're suddenly unwanted by the orcs and elfs. Slowly, all the dragons were annihilated except for one. This last living dragon must go to battle to survive. He has acquired the stamina he needs to ward off attacks and fight to maintain his species.

  • The Money

so why do i need money. Well its going to 2 place 1) hiring artist for making a great looking game and 2) for music for sound for this great sounding game. The More we get the better we can make everything look and sound

Throughout the project i'm going to be posting graphics and videos and we get moving. so you'll be part of the project every step of the way. 


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    Level 5 Boss Level Our heartfelt thanks for supporting dreamers and independent videogame developers everywhere! Also An exclusively desktop wallpaper for your enjoyment. Available only to Kickstarters!

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    Level 8 You should have taken the blue pill. You will get all of the above. Plus if we collect over $1500 then you a digital copy of the soundtrack.

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    threat Level Midnight Free Promo Code of the game when it is released. Plus all of the Above.

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