Air Pack: The Most Comfortable Lightweight Backpack Ever


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    1. Rune on

      I hope i get it before chrismas :) its for my girlfriend :)

    2. Anel C.

      so if I chose the bundle pack perk, but selected black color i will not get the backpack in christmas? or will I get the backpack first and the accessories to follow?

    3. Jose Garrick

      i hope a fast shipping!!!

    4. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      Awesome! This is refreshing.. Every kickstarter I have backed (6) has been severely delayed. I’m still waiting on 2 other kickstarters. One has been delayed 7 months and the other 8.. due to “manufacturing or shipping issues.”

      Really hoping this project doesn’t have the same difficulties.

      Fingers crossed!

    5. TREXAD Creator on

      @Rune, We are certainly trying our best!
      @Anel, Right now it looks like we need to ship add-ons AND backpack together if you ordered backpack + add-on. We can't afford to send the pledge twice.
      @Jose, right now it looks like it should take 7 to 10 days to most of the world.
      @Paul, Thanks for your support! We made a few prototypes to make sure we can deliver as promised so we are very confident that we can deliver without long delay.

    6. Missing avatar

      Ondy LAM on

      Hey, I just completed the survey yesterday for a midnight black Air Pack. Can my order still go into the first batch of delivery?

    7. Anel C.

      ouch that should've stated on the get go. I should've not got the bundle. ugh I wanted to get this by Christmas.