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From packed-up to ready-to-pack in just one breath. It's a day pack to revolutionize travel: go further, lighter, and experience more.
From packed-up to ready-to-pack in just one breath. It's a day pack to revolutionize travel: go further, lighter, and experience more.
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1000+ Backers!

Posted by TREXAD (Creator)
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Dear Backers,  

We've got more than 1000 pledges!  

It's thanks to you all that we get to bring our awesome Air Pack to life. Your support means the world to us.  

Many of you have been asking to get a closer look at the organizer and the hip belt, so I've made a couple videos for you to check out.

Get a closer look at the organizer here:

The organizer has many useful mesh pockets plus a large zipper pocket as well as a laptop compartment. It also has a removable divider so you can customize the main compartment to your liking.  

The organizer takes up little room once you flatten it, and it fits into any luggage easily. However, if you prefer to roll up the organizer when not in use, you can do that, too. Here is a short video on how to roll-up organizer:

 Our inflatable hip belt adds cushion around your wasit/hip and helps to lighten the load on your shoulder. It also adds 2 large easy access pockets for your essentials. We've upgraded the hip belt by adding additional straps on the back for a better fit and more convenient adjustability.

Here is a closer look at the inflatable hip belt:

 Here you can see how to install hip belt onto the Air Pack:

 Finally, here's what the AirPack looks like with the hip belt attached:

As always, contact me anytime if you have any questions or suggestions. 

Trexad Team


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      Eric Crew on

      Hey guys! Really excited to see the components coming together! The pull-out organizer is a great touch that I can see being handy in a lot of situations, and left at home when not!
      I back/purchase about 6-8 backpacks per year for testing and reviewing, as well as designing my own, and this bag has me very excited. I currently run a jerry-rigged back-support set up on my current daily pack(Matador Beast 28), and can't wait to have one built in.
      Finally, on the removable inflatable waist straps... Excellent idea and design, but perhaps a slight suggestion to try/prototype:
      Many bags with removable hip belts miss a key element in how they are supposed to work in a real load-bearing pack. They do what you are doing with a single attachment point to the bag-body. This allows too much twist and sag and removes the most key component of hip-belts: cupping over the iliac crest. This requires at least TWO straps on each side: a low/mid-line strap (to pull the belt itself tight), and a high strap to tighten the top of the belt OVER the hips, creating the arc that carries 70-80% of the weight. Otherwise, users are left to tighten the belt TOO much and/or leave the bag riding on their hip muscles(which is tiring and sore).
      The final piece to that is making sure your frame (the air bladder) is above/on the waist-belt, not below it, as your current model shows. Otherwise you get sagging and the weight stays on the shoulders.
      Sorry for the long comment, but I'm always trying to help innovate and love what you are doing.
      Keep it up!