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A unique first-person shooter game where time moves only when you move, making each level a deadly puzzle. PC/Mac/Linux.
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SUPERHOT and Oculus VR at E3!


Hi everyone!

We went kinda quiet for the last couple of days, but it’s finally time to announce what we’ve been working on - SUPERHOT is going to be at E3! If you happen to be at the Electronic Entertainment Expo happening this week at Los Angeles, you’ll be able to play the latest build of the game using one of the brand-new Oculus Rift Developer Kit 2’s!

Just head over to the Oculus VR booth (5222 in West Hall) to try the game in glorious virtual reality! Unfortunately you won’t be able to meet us in person (we really wanted to go, but getting from Poland to the USA is tricky and involves a lot of paperwork). We suggested printing cardboard cutouts of us instead, but apparently that was not-3D-enough for Oculus :D

 An Oculus DK2 worn sideways - can you get any cooler than that?

Oh, and one more thing - if you happen to play SUPERHOT at E3, send us your impressions / pictures / videos (use our Twitter - @SUPERHOTTHEGAME - or mail - because we'd love to see them.

Last week we also (accidentally) shot the mayor of our city in the head.

During a special press event we showed the DK2 build to Hanna Zdanowska, mayor of Łódź - and while she’s not an avid gamer, she really liked the demo (though seeing a bullet flying straight into her face startled her a bit). You can read more about it on or Dziennik Łódzki (the text is only in Polish, sorry).



    1. Creator Q13E5 on June 10, 2014

      Thats what translators are for.

    2. Creator Piotr Kundu on June 10, 2014

      It's not every day you see a Mayor getting shot in bright daylight in front of the press.

    3. Creator Lisa Brown on June 10, 2014

      I will be there tomorrow! Super pumped! :D