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A unique first-person shooter game where time moves only when you move, making each level a deadly puzzle. PC/Mac/Linux.
A unique first-person shooter game where time moves only when you move, making each level a deadly puzzle. PC/Mac/Linux.
11,626 backers pledged $250,798 to help bring this project to life.

WE DID IT! (also, stretch goals)

Wow. We hadn’t even dreamed of posting this in the first week of the campaign, let alone on the first day! You guys are simply amazing; the amount of support and goodwill that is pouring down on us right now is very humbling. Thank you so much for believing in SUPERHOT - thanks to the press for being so supportive, and of course a huge thanks to the fans and backers for donating and spreading the news like wildfire.

We’ve spent the last eight months relentlessly working on the game, preparing this campaign and wondering whether people won’t forget about our project before we can get it to Kickstarter. A lot of time and effort went into preparing all this, and it’s so reassuring to see that it was all worth it.

However, we still have to make the game, so the journey is far from over.

And now without further ado, let’s talk about stretch goals, because it’s been one of the things that has been frequently asked for in the last couple of hours.

For $120,000 we’d like to bring an additional 3D animator on board. Character animation has been one of the most problematic things in the original prototype (that’s one of the reasons why the enemies can’t run and shoot at the same time), and we’d really like to improve that aspect of SUPERHOT.

If we get to $150,000, we’re going to introduce a Speedrun Mode into the game. It will feature a special timer, leaderboards and all kinds of other tools useful for speedrunners. Beating that mode under a certain time limit might even unlock some cool new stuff… :)

And finally, if we reach $200,000, we’ll implement a Replay Mode into SUPERHOT. That has been one of the most frequently requested features ever. On our Steam Greenlight forums we had several billion threads* asking us for that feature, and we’ve read every single one of them.

 *give or take a few

So, the Replay Mode will allow you to rewatch the last level you’ve completed in real-time - which will probably make you feel even more bad-ass. We’re still looking into whether it should be first- or third-person and if we could also allow the players to save/import/export replays, or share them with other people. When we reach that $200,000 goal we’re going to make it as fun and easy to use as possible.

Oh, and by the way - if you happen to create any SUPERHOT fan-art, please send it to - we’d love to see it, and maybe we’ll be able to make a fan-art gallery in a later update :)


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    1. SUPERHOT Team Creator on May 17, 2014

      @Marcin Wolny - we're considering helicopters; rotor blades in slow-mo will probably look pretty neat.

      @Edan Maor - thanks! We're glad that you liked it and supported the game.

      @Dominik Sulikowski - hard to say; it's not like having more money is always equal to being able to work faster.

      @Caue Rego - 1) full stop didn't look as cool, and some people thought that maybe the game has crashed. (also, SamuraiMan316 and John Archer offer a pretty neat explanation) 2) yeah, I personally really liked Braid! 3) we're still considering that, but we're kinda afraid that Ubisoft could be upset that we're stealing mechanics from Prince of Persia ;)

      @James - we'll do our best to make it as good as possible :)

    2. John Archer on May 16, 2014

      @Caue Rego,, I think we would loose the cool Matrix slomo effect if time would stop completely, at least when you play with keyboard. Don't know if the analog sticks of a game pad can lead to the effect that time speed is halfed?

      Nevertheless, I played Braid, love it. But for Superhot I like how it is now. More thrilling!

    3. SamuraiMan316 on May 15, 2014

      Caue Rego, I'd imagine time doesn't stop moving completely, because the protagonist's lungs are probably still "moving" as he breathes or other such examples, even while standing still and not looking around. Then again, I could be overthinking it.

    4. Missing avatar

      Lucas Angiolella on May 15, 2014

      When you guys make it to the replay stretch goal, PLEASE make a feature where we can dodge and roll out of harms way. That way the replays will look even more epic :)

    5. Jarin Udom
      on May 15, 2014

      Superhot like Supa Hot Fire!…

    6. Jarin Udom
      on May 15, 2014

      Baller shot caller!

    7. Missing avatar

      James on May 15, 2014

      For the replays I was imagining static cameras like the original Resident Evil, giving the impression that the events are being captured by cctv. I understand the issue my come down to how easy it will be to code, but I believe the more camera options there are, the better it will be.

    8. Caue Rego on May 15, 2014


      Let me ask you a few questions, though, all mostly related to another indie game:

      1. Any reason why time doesn't stop completely? I don't know why this haven't been commented anywhere I could find, but I'd love to see a complete time stop.

      2. Reason why of question 1 is this: Have you seem Braid ( )? If not, this means you haven't accompanied much news on indie games just few years ago. Complete time stop can lead to some really fun scenarios, and game levels could get quite fun with this alone! I suppose you must have heard of it, but I saw no confirmation you actually played it or even saw a video.

      3. Have you thought of making time go back? Again, based on Braid. Press a button, rewind. Die, just stop time, rewind to prevent death. Lots of fun can come from this as well! ;-)

    9. Dominik Sulikowski on May 15, 2014

      500k to finish the game in 2014?

    10. LordCrash on May 15, 2014

      Congrats for making it so fast! :)

    11. Hans on May 15, 2014

      Congrats, this game looks amazing! One thing that I personally would like is easy modification or an in game editor so that players can design their own levels/enemies/weapons etc.

    12. John Archer on May 15, 2014

      Wow, congrats!

      Feature idea: make it modable/create public level editor so we can create and share new levels (so Marcin could built is Matrix levels :-)).

    13. Artur Jaskólski on May 15, 2014

      Well done! Big congrats!

    14. Mrmotinjo on May 15, 2014

      sᴜᴘᴇʀ ʜᴏᴛ
      sᴜᴘᴇʀ ʜᴏᴛ

    15. Missing avatar

      Edan Maor on May 15, 2014

      Congratulations to all the team, very cool.

      I'd just like to say one thing - I had never heard of SuperHot before the Kickstarter, had never seen or played the original demos, but after seeing this campaign, I knew this had a chance to be great.

      Just though I'd mention that not everyone who contributed is someone from the past - I'm probably not the only new fan you got! :)

    16. amigacooke on May 15, 2014

      I found this update in my spam folder. I suspect that the title 'SUPERHOT' gets found on other types of website quite a lot. It may be worth considering a name change?

    17. Marcin Wolny on May 15, 2014

      Nice stretch goals guys! Seems to be perfectly reasonable considering the amount of money you ask for them. I'm looking forward for a future goals :)

      I really, really hope at least one of them would include additional MISSION PACK.

      Perhaps a second campaign would be difficult (though I'd be delighted to see either this or expansion of the existing campaign), but some loose, challenge-mode missions should be relatively easy to make while at the same time add plenty of fun into the game.

      Oh, perhaps also some additional opponents? Helicopter with a minigun? ;) Yea, yea, this smells very much like Matrix... but I always seen this game as an alternative dimension Matrix ;). So... Helicopter with a minigun and a horde of identical guys running to kill you in an outdoor city location, please :) ;)

    18. Marcin Wolny on May 15, 2014

      Piotr Berent - I'd much rather see them improving the game than developing a console version. If anything - version for tablets might do - game seems to have a perfect controls for touch devices even right now, and simple graphics means that relatively little work would need to be put in that comparing to feeding MS and Sony with cash.

    19. Luca Nixdorf on May 15, 2014

      Nicely done! Congratulations!

    20. Thomas Muylle on May 15, 2014

      Well done!

      I'd like to see some stretch goals in the form of voice acting for the story. If you see what Portal did with a gimmick and turned it into an amazing game overall, I think that's what Superhot should aim for.

    21. Maria B. Garda on May 15, 2014

      Speedrun mode sounds fantastic! Once again congrats and looking forward for more stretch goals :)

    22. Piotr Berent on May 15, 2014

      500k for next-gen console version??? :)

    23. Mr.Monttu
      on May 15, 2014

      Nice stretch goals and congrats. 200k here we come!