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A unique first-person shooter game where time moves only when you move, making each level a deadly puzzle. PC/Mac/Linux.
11,626 backers pledged $250,798 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Adrian Fritz on

      I think I didn't get my key. Can you check please?

    2. Missing avatar

      Heinrich on

      Just found it!:)

    3. Missing avatar

      Heinrich on

      No Steam key yet for me either :(

    4. Missing avatar

      kitfireburn on

      I never received my Steam key via email or humble bundle, it did not go into the junk folder i would have seen it in there.

    5. Bobby Schmitt on

      Still no key. Really mad now.

    6. Andrew Crawshaw on

      Hi, I'm still waiting for a Steam key. I emailed you but I haven't received a response (or a key). I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me out. Many thanks!

    7. Missing avatar

      David Bond on

      Hey, guys, no Steam key for me (don't know what happened to it). I've tried emailing you several times - please resend.

    8. Matthew Kellar on

      No Steam key here, either. Not in spam.

    9. Mikołaj Torz on

      I didn't received a steam key

    10. TimoH on

      I need a resent key. My spam folder settings killed the initial mail. Help. :(

    11. Konstantin Korf on

      Checked both inbox and spam folder. Still haven't received the Steam key :(

    12. awesomenessinstead on

      I got a Steam key but am still waiting for the DRM-free version... :(
      No reply so far to my message sent last week.

    13. Ben Turner on

      For people looking to report bugs:

      Lots of other info is available on the Steam page:

    14. LordCrash on

      Sorry, found it, my failure. :)

    15. LordCrash on

      No key here neither...

    16. Richard

      Hello, I haven't gotten my steam key either .

    17. Missing avatar

      Stéphanie Y. on

      My bad, I found it. It was not in the "Full version out tomorrow email" though: it was the *Beta key* that I was supposed to redeem but never did until now. Anyway, the email containing it was sent in August 2015 (glad it wasn't deleted)! A bit confusing, but hey, I got my key now.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jordi Boggiano on

      In case you haven't got your key, check spam folder. It was sitting in there for me, email subject is "SUPERHOT Full Version out tomorrow !" and it was sent around February 24, for me at least.

    19. Missing avatar

      Stéphanie Y. on

      Congrats on the release. I've waited patiently as well, but I'm still waiting for my key (searched my inbox already).

    20. Ben Turner on

      Congrats, love the interface and other design elements. But ditto @Christian Walde's desire for a clear place to report bugs. The game is borderline unplayable on a spec'd out MacBook Pro running OSX 10.11. Would love to make it more than five minutes without a crash.

    21. Chris M

      The game is awesome, guys. Good work and congrats!

    22. Reid Stein on

      STILL don't have my key. This is a little ridiculous

    23. Josh Schreuder on

      Contrary to what I thought, I did in fact get my key. It wasn't sent to the survey email address I put though, it was sent to my KS email, so if anyone else was like me and used a different email, make sure to check there.

    24. Christoph Zürcher on

      Played through it, game is dope. Congratulations for the release!

    25. bagheadinc on

      Woo! My Steam key email came in early today while I was at work. Now to waste the rest of my evening moving as slowly as possible....

    26. Chris Kumferman on

      Still waiting on key. Gmail search of my entire account for "superhot" turned up no key email.

    27. Christian Walde on

      Where do i report bugs? Seriously, the answer to this question should be first and foremost when i start the game, yet i have to go DIG for the answer to that. It may be that you do care about bugs, but it sure manages to make the impression you don't.

    28. Missing avatar

      Scot S on

      Congrats! ... BUT also no key here, and expect a DRM free version as state in the campaign's FAQ. Spam folder checked too.

    29. Christian Karleby on

      Hello! Congratz on the release! :)

      I haven't received my key yet :( Will I have to get the game illegally? :(

      Best regards

    30. Nik Stromberg on

      Glad to hear you're still working on the VR side!
      When I kickstarted/bought this game, I did it mainly to support it as a VR title. Plus I really just wanted to play it in VR.
      I just really hope that when they finally add VR support back into SUPERHOT, they don't charge again for it. I already paid for a game that was supposed to have VR support. ;p

    31. Missing avatar

      Dave Sherohman on

      Waaaaaaaait a minute...

      @Jani says the key was in a message titled "SUPERHOT Full Version out tomorrow !‏"?

      I vaguely remember seeing a message with a subject line like that, reading the subject, and thinking, "Oh, nice. It's about to release.", then deleting the message without opening it. Assuming that is why my key is missing, I suspect I'm not the only one to have done so, given how many people are commenting here to report missing keys.

      There's a reason that most projects use a subject like "Here's your key for SUPERHOT!" or "SUPERHOT full version key" instead of something that sounds like a generic, content-free press release email.

      (And please resend my key. My deleted email is automatically purged when I log out, so the press-release-looking email is no longer retrievable.)

    32. Robert Podgórski on

      Hey - any chance you could check what happened with my Steam key? Would be great to be able to play the game:)

    33. Missing avatar

      Thorben Schulte on

      I didn't receive any key so far (checked my junk folder as well)

    34. Jani on

      @Lyuben, the team sent an email to all backers with the Steam key in it. Check your junk mail and see if you can see email titled "SUPERHOT Full Version out tomorrow !‏"

    35. Missing avatar

      Lyuben Dimitrov on

      Great! Now how do I get the steam key? Or how do I install it without paying again? :)

    36. Missing avatar

      Dave Sherohman on

      Add me to the list of backers ($25 SUPERHOT SPECIAL EDITION, in my case) who didn't receive Steam keys.

    37. Khalid Alknafer on

      Great News! but I haven't received any email regarding how to get my copy of the game.

    38. Missing avatar

      Michael Johannhanwahr on

      Thank you so much for this extraordinary game. It's full of fresh cool ideas and I can feel the love you've put into your baby. I'm very glad that I was a supporter for this winner!
      I'd like to see save points in each mission, at least for beginners. Starting from scratch each time could be frustrating.

    39. Andrea Poglio on

      No key here, checked spam folder aswell.

    40. Adrian Fritz on

      I didn't get a key either as far as I can tell.

    41. Richard Sabino on

      Hey I recently changed email, not shitting you. Can I get my beta acces key recent to my updated gmail?

    42. kudjo on

      Find your steam key by doing a search in your inbox for: "Superhot full version". That's what helped me find it.

      Personally, I am hoping for a key. Is there any way that could be accommodated?

      I am crazy-excited to play this one.

      Thanks, SUPERTEAM!!!

    43. Joseph Moore on

      I never got my steam key. Can you send that to me?

    44. Missing avatar

      Aldrik on

      Linux version now launching fine since the latest steam update. ^_^

    45. bagheadinc on

      Like several other commenters, I'm still waiting on my key. Hopefully keys will be out by time I get home from work tomorrow evening; I'm eager to play!

    46. ET3D on

      Like Radon, I'd appreciate a GOG key. SUPERHOT is front and centre on the GOG site, which makes me feel sorry I only have a Steam key.

    47. mr3 on


    48. Contemplar on

      Congrats on getting your game out!

    49. Russell Zimmerman on

      Like (apparently) a couple other folks, I never seem to have gotten my Steam key. How were they supposed to have been distributed, and who can we contact to get them re-sent?

      Thanks! The game looks great, and I'm eager to get playing! :)

    50. Lauro De Paiva Pirolla on

      Where can I find the key for the game?
      I buy it, but I didn't find it... =(