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A unique first-person shooter game where time moves only when you move, making each level a deadly puzzle. PC/Mac/Linux.
11,626 backers pledged $250,798 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Josh Schreuder on

      Hey guys, I haven't got my key either :(

    2. Missing avatar

      Steve Baines on

      For people missing Steam keys, FWIW mine arrived 31st July 2015 in an email titled "SUPERHOT Beta Release!".

    3. Bryan Bortz on

      Please don't make a new Kickstarter for the VR version.

    4. Francesco Fiesoli on

      Got my key 1 hour ago!
      (If you have a gmail account, check into the "promotion tab" in inbox folder!)

    5. Darryl Walker on

      I can't delete my comment, so I'm posting again:

      You guys came through at the 11th hour, but a little communication about timelines would have been nice. Please consider this if you run future projects.

      To anybody that hasn't received their key yet: check your emails and your junk folder.

    6. Missing avatar

      Taylor Hunt on

      So when will the backer keys be distributed, especially the ones who pledged a year or more ago?

    7. Francesco Fiesoli on

      ONE DAY!!!!!!!

      I'm excited like a kid in front of his first gameboy!

    8. Mark de Jong on

      Doing the same thing, this is getting silly.

    9. Darryl Walker on

      One day to go, and no sign of a backer key?

      Okay guys, here's the deal:

      1) You need to send the backer keys out ASAP, because it's unacceptable that there's a chance people who /didn't/ support the campaign will get the game before us by buying it at retail, or alternatively:

      2) The lowest tier pledge for the game better be significantly cheaper than the retail price.

      If not, I'll be asking for a refund from you for my pledge. Simple as that.

    10. zxin on

      Bahaha. Tommorow.

    11. Mark de Jong on

      When will the backer keys be distributed ?

    12. Cerne on

      Can I change my PC key to an xbox one one please?

    13. Mikołaj Torz on

      Dałoby się przełożyć datę premiery tak aby wyszło po maturze?

    14. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      Any word on Steam keys being available?

    15. John Prather on

      Fantastic! Thanks so much for all your hard work guys!

    16. Nate Nolting on

      Didn't know you guys were putting this on XB1. Like a few people have asked I'd like to get a key for the XB1 rather than Steam.

    17. Missing avatar

      Thomas Hempel on

      Nice. As some other already asked, is there a possibility to get a key for the Xbox One instead of Steam?

    18. Mark de Jong on

      But *when* will the backer keys be distributed ? :)

    19. Vaughan Martin on

      SUPER excited, can't wait to play it.

    20. lizard81288 on

      Cool! I assume, this is when we will get ours keys and (digital) rewards, correct?

    21. Christian Karleby on

      I would also like a Xbox One key - And congratz on finally releasing :) Looks sooo great! :)

    22. Tyler Barna on

      Will I be able to get a copy of the Xbox one version at my backer tier instead of the pc version? My pc is absolutely dreadful.

    23. David Ross Watson on

      Damn, that's an awesome trailer! SH would be mind blowing on the Rift with Touch support! Equally as amazing on the Vive. I really hope such a VR version is in the works. Looking forward to hearing more. :)

    24. Radon on

      That day will be a happy day...
      Anyways, I dislike that this FAQ-entry still hasn´t got an update:

      Will the game be released on other storefronts? (Humble Store, GOG, etc.)
      Most certainly :)

    25. garkham

      Yup. Is 'the date' only for steam or also DRM-free. I think I've seen a GOG release on their calendar : is it possible to ask for a GOG Key instead of the Steam one?

      Then, I'll buy the retail version for sure. This version will only content a steam key or also the DRM-free version and the soundtrack?

      Thanks in advance for your answers.

    26. Marek Tvrdy on

      Boxed edition? Post list of EU seller with a international shipping, please.

    27. Henri Tahvanainen on

      On my birthday, that's gonna be a nice present.

    28. Mr.Monttu

      Hell yeah! Super hot news! ^^

    29. Monique on

      Woooo congratulations :D Where woudl backers get the keys to download?

    30. Christoph Zürcher on

      Congratulations to the team. I can't wait to play the final release and hope it will sell well.

    31. Ryan Eddleman on

      Will we be able to only get an Xbox one or pc copy? Cause I would prefer an Xbox one copy if I can only have one.

    32. Adam Cooperman

      500GB eh? :P I'm sure that's just the computer you tested on and all but surely you could give us the actual disk space requirements :). Very excited!

    33. Jerome Lebrun on

      Congrats guys !! can't wait !
      Hope VR support will come soon !

    34. Darryl Walker on

      Congratulations. Forgive me if I've missed this in one of the updates, but can you confirm when you'll be distributing keys to the backers?

    35. Missing avatar

      David Wilkins on

      I am SUPERHYPE. congrats guys, looking forward to the full release!