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    1. Missing avatar

      Aldrik on

      I'd have preferred updates (at least cross) posted here. Also the reddit page is currently unviewable: "the moderators of this subreddit have set it to private. you must be a moderator or approved submitter to view its contents.".

    2. Curtis Myers

      Underneath the private forum notice, it mentions that you can message one of the admins if you are a kickstarter backer to be granted access. Still seems like a few more hoops than necessary to get the news for the game we backed.

    3. Al Fusaro on

      I have backed here on Kickstarter and I personally never liked reddit.
      I got my access there, but i never remember to check it out just because I just don't like it and, like many others, I'm sure, I don't see the point of going there to track a project that was backed HERE on KS.
      Now I see that there's a lot of news there that SHOULD be here. If you at least cross post here, many of us, Backers, will be really grateful.

    4. SUPERHOT Team Creator on

      We do cross post. Most stuff that we post on the subreddit also end up in these kickstarter progress updates like this one, but in the form of a shorter summary. So by not going there, the only thing you miss out is the opportunity to provide better feedback (and maybe a couple of silly gifs)

    5. JL on

      Do you think we'll be able to play the Bad Mother****er level? I really enjoyed the music video and would love to play it!