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A unique first-person shooter game where time moves only when you move, making each level a deadly puzzle. PC/Mac/Linux.
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Progress Update #2

Posted by SUPERHOT Team (Creator)

Hi everyone, 

remember last time I told you that the game is in a "gloriously unshowable" phase? We're out of it now! I could write a list of changes and it would be a long list(*), but I’ll show you some gifs instead.

7 more here: What do you think?

One of my inspirations for SUPERHOT was the “Bad Motherfucker” music video from director Ilya Naishuller - a brilliant piece of FPP cinematography with a GoPro camera carried by a crazy stuntman doing awesome action scenes. I feel that SUPERHOT translates this craziness well into video game form, while leaving you - the player - in full control. The level above was planned as a tiny tribute, but works really really well on its' own terms.

Guys behind the video are now working on a feature film in the same technique and I feel that you could be interested:

Thanks to all of you that poked us for an update! I know you care and we will try our best to deliver more updates in the future. I'm thinking of tiny updates on the backer subreddit every week and a bigger update every month. 

Take care,


(*) Recent development changes include:

  • You can now kill the enemy by throwing him off the ledge! See him shatter on the ground while you jump right after him to retrieve his gun!
  • Melee enemies! Shoot the enemy before his punch reaches your face and clocks you out. And watch out, they circle you and try to get behind your back! 
  • There’s a new enemy model, simplified and 200% more stylish! 
  • Also: brand new player's hand! No floaty guns anymore. Sorry all poltergeist simulator fans!
  • Lots of tiny optimisations in the code, making the game run smooth (60fps framerate doesn't come easy) with all the destruction and crystal shattering physics! 
  • Glass shattering is now integrated into gameplay more tightly - shattering a window distracts your enemies and can be used as a tactical advantage. Distract them even more by throwing THEM into glass.
  • Many, many level prototypes (boardrooms,tall staircases, flashy nightclubs, expensive beach houses, elevators made of concrete, cheap hotel rooms and more!)
  • Throwables! You can take any black crystal object (a bottle or a billard ball for example) from the level and use it as a weapon to stun the enemy. And then reach for his gun!)
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    1. caue rego on

      Bad motherfucker was an awesome video clip indeed! Didn't know that was the inspiration here. You'll now have to add boobsome ladies in this game. ;P

    2. Khalid Alknafer on

      is there going to be an option for real enemies instead of crystal ones, in the future ?

    3. Missing avatar

      Nick Canafax on

      As always, you guys are doing a fantastic job!

    4. Jeff Hallam on

      GIFs. Look. AMAZING! I'm not even sure what else to say at this point. :D

    5. Jörn Huxhorn

      Service-link for backers with GEMA issues:

    6. Radon on

      The new enemy models look brilliant in my eyes and the physics are really, really awesome! Oh, and that vid really looks like it inspired you a lot! Extremly nice one, thanks for the linking!

    7. Jake Lee on

      Not sure about the big change to the enemy models.. "Simplified", yet way more detail? Definitely preferred the super minimalistic ones in the demo. Also slightly concerned about the lack of minimalism overall. The demo was a few hints of red, very plain, simple environments. New gifs just look like a regular FPS, with the slow motion mechanic added. What happened to the unique style?