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Letters to pop stars regarding their work from a retired member of the public with genuine replies from the artists themselves
Letters to pop stars regarding their work from a retired member of the public with genuine replies from the artists themselves
Letters to pop stars regarding their work from a retired member of the public with genuine replies from the artists themselves
684 backers pledged £18,483 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Derek Philpott Creator on

      Jenny bless you ..and that reply is PARTICULARLY brilliant

    2. Derek Philpott Creator on

      Jenny bless you ..and that reply is PARTICULARLY brilliant

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      Jenny Ashcroft on

      Can't wait to read your next book, especially as you have a reply from Bauhaus - brilliant!!

    4. Simon Joiner on

      I got my copy this morning. Thanks! It's fabulous. Absolutely fabulous. I should have ordered more methinks for Xmas pressies. What a labour of love and fun. Top of the Pops!

    5. Derek Philip on

      Well done Derek
      I hope the stamp licking doesn't wear your tongue out :)
      I've requested another copy via email, just need to know how to pay.


    6. Missing avatar

      Neil Roberts on

      I too have had the issue trying to order an additional copy. I have sent you a message

    7. Derek Philpott Creator on

      Ian Baguley I've sent a personal message

    8. Missing avatar

      Ian Baguley

      I'm trying to order an extra copy but not sure how to do it. Not able to reply to email - directs me to web-site - and although the same message is on 'updates' again, not able to respond. Please help

    9. Missing avatar

      Clare Lloyd on

      Hi Derek its Clare Bown. Thought I'd touch base as I've discontinued my FB account. Glad everything is still going well and on schedule, and so looking forward to receiving my book. Lots of love to you and the wonderful Jean xxx

    10. Diane Cockerham on

      I might have been one of the last to pledge but I know you are worth it. :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Jaine Henderson on

      Congratulations! I'm happy to have been part of it.
      All the best

    12. Richard Stott on

      Many many congratulations. Of all of the projects I've been a part of funding this has to be the one that I have followed most closely and felt attached to. Publishing a book is a wonderful achievement for anyone but when the subject matter is so original it is to be doubly applauded. My hat (had it been winter I would have been wearing one) is off to you.
      Best wishes.

    13. Missing avatar

      Patrick Dalton on

      Well,you've done it now haven't you !?
      We've been in contact for years now and you know how I feel about your ability,success and humour.
      It's what you deserved rather than what you've got.

      I bid you good day sir.

    14. Paul McMahon on

      Good stuff Derek!!

    15. Missing avatar

      Tich on

      Well done..knew you'd do it

    16. Missing avatar

      Rockula on

      Oi Derek! Where's me book. It's been an hour now and it hasn't arrived....But seriously. Congratulations to you and kudos to all my fellow backers.

    17. Missing avatar

      Jan Robinson on

      Bravo young man ! Congratulations to yourself ,Wilf and of course the power behind the throne, Jean. Now watch the media fall over themselves to speak to you. I await the aforementioned tome with bated breath and will be stalking our postman from early November !

    18. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Gott on

      Congratulations, Derek! You went from not thinking this could be done to going £2,400 over your goal...a truly remarkable achievement!

    19. Missing avatar

      Lynton cox on

      Well Derek after nearly 700 pledges the deed is in the doing. Well done my friend! Volume two is well in the making! November isnt a month I usually look forward too but now....

    20. John Ireland on

      Great news. Delighted that this is going to see the light of day. Well done to everyone concerned.

    21. Missing avatar

      Philippa Day on

      You're going to be an extremely pair of pensioners! ;-) So chuffed for you that you've massively exceeded your target. Can't wait to get my book. Well done, super-dudes x

    22. Annemarie on

      i just pledged £15 but i put my work address in as delivery address, and now i think that was the wrong thing to do as it probably needed my home address - help ! hope my pledge went ahead anyway?

    23. Arlene Wszalek on

      I pledged for 2 x the £25 level - would like two books. Thanks!

    24. Missing avatar

      Emiel on

      Fantastic news, very exciting!

    25. Missing avatar

      Jenny Ashcroft on

      Brilliant news Derek, can't wait to read your book!

    26. Missing avatar

      Alison on

      To borrow the great Sister Sledges' fine words. I'm so excited! To get my hands on a hard copy will be THE best day ever. Well there was that time I starred in a episode of Viz but I'm not one to brag. Good work Sirs.

    27. Tim Tearle on

      Sincere congrats, Derek, wonderful news, told you the punk hordes would help to spread the word!

    28. Missing avatar

      jules dawes on

      So very pleased that this will happen. Can't wait to get my copy of this unique & superb book, a book to make you laugh out loud & your belly wobble [only applicable for the more portly in this exclusive group]. Perhaps when the books are ready there could be a 'bit of a do' for those who can make it, somewhere central-ish for those who can make it?

    29. Logan Murray on

      I never doubted it for a moment! You must be relieved.

    30. Mike Smith on

      YES!!!! They've only gone and done it!

    31. Mrs Scorbie on

      CONGRATULATIONS DEREK !!!!!! I knew you would do it xxxxx

    32. Mrs Scorbie on

      So proud of you Sir Derek (my cyber dad :) ) nearly there !!! Good luck xxx

    33. Rosine Smyrl on

      Dear Derek, in addition to my own signed copy, for £25, I have increased my pledge to a round 100, to get 5 £15 copies for Christmas gifts. I hope this makes sense and is not too complicated.

    34. Derek Philpott Creator on

      For once I am speechless Logan

    35. Logan Murray on

      Now we are closing in on the original funding, with over a week to go, might I be so bold as to suggest some stretch goals? Off the top of my head:
      £20,000: a free scratch and sniff card relating to various songs. For example, Suzi Quattro's 'Devil Gate Drive' could be the smell of tarmac; Spandau Ballet's 'Gold' could be the distilled essence of a merchant banker. If in doubt, you could link a random song with the smell of chips. Most people like chips.
      £30,000 stretch goal: a small inflatable 'Wilf' stress reliever - nothing sordid! I imagine the little fellow will be fully clothed, with little labels indicating the he areas NOT to be squeezed.
      £40,000 stretch goal: some rubble for a rockery or, if the backer is artistic, some outdoor sculpture. As it happens, Mrs Murray and I may be able to help you out here - we've had a spot of building done and the builder tells us that it's an extra £65 (plus vat) to have the stuff taken to the municipal tip. Daylight robbery! This way, we save a bob or two and you get to flog a few more copies of your tome. Sleep on it, Derek, there is no rush! We've hidden most of the sacks behind our water feature (a painted plaster 'Our Lady of Guadeloupe' that has three tiny fountains jetting out of some stigmata wounds - Mrs M is a lapsed Catholic, but still has a soft spot for garden idolatry...).
      £50k - the big one! But hopefully achievable. I believe the great British public are finally stirring on this project (Awake Albion!):
      An afternoon at Chez Philpott. Obviously, you wouldn't have to be there and we would insist one the pledge backers of this level being fully vetted (and wiped down with dettol before entry - I leave the details to you). I have a friend who works in security (Bolton Bob, a sound chap) and he says he's happy to wrestle anyone to the ground if they get anywhere within wobbling distance of the porcelain. I know how much breakages can upset the ladies...
      Bob's happy to do this for travel expenses and a cheese sandwich (he supplies the beverages the n a handy thermos and, luckily, has a network rail card, so I don't believe this extra costing would cost you an arm and a leg). He's fully vetted and trustworthy - we sometimes use him for dog walks if the Missus has overdone it the night before.
      Anyway, I fear I ramble, and conciseness has always been my byword. Never let it be said that Mr L. G. Murray will use Ten words when a scant three or four will do!
      Suffice to say, these are just a few ideas,
      roughly sketched out, and freely offered to stir the resolve of future backers. I'm sure your ideas team can weave them into some sort of material reality (the only reality that matters, according to that young science bod, Brian Cox!).
      Onwards to Victory, Sirrah!
      I am quietly confident that the book will be a 'go' project (and that's not just a side effect of the Beta Blockers that Dr Sissou prescribed).

    36. Derek Philpott Creator on

      Bless you you gent John

    37. John (Vernham Chronicles) Saunders on

      I know you will get your target, if not more. All the best old bean :-)

    38. Missing avatar

      Neil Skinner on

      I did laugh long and hard. The tone and humour is so me. But insightful too when given the origin of these lyrics. Have spread the word wide and far. Cant wait to read the whole book. Good luck x

    39. Teresa Hayes on

      Good luck with the project I really hope this project is funded it looks like loads of fun!

    40. Roi Croasdale on

      What a cracking idea! All the best with the project, and look forward to receiving the book soon...

    41. Missing avatar

      Julianne Regan on

      I am so happy to see this project way over it's halfway mark. I hope the final push comes thick and fast now. I can't wait for my copy of the back. Well done Wilf and Derek x x

    42. John Ireland on

      I also want 4 x £15 copies as gifts for friends in addition to my own copy. How can I do a second pledge for more copies?

    43. Missing avatar

      Stewart Burns on

      Derek - further to previous messages I have found that CreateSpace which my friends used is actually part of Amazon

    44. Derek Philpott Creator on

      Your're a gentleman Neil glad to know you Sir

    45. Missing avatar

      Neil white on

      A superb venture and so deserving of success. Hats off to you both and I will keep spreading the message and do everything I can to help.

    46. Derek Philpott Creator on

      Bless you so much!

    47. Stephen Teixeira on

      Came across this and just had to be a backer!!!