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$4,511 pledged of $45,000 goal
$4,511 pledged of $45,000 goal

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American Drug War 2 Cannabis Destiny in theaters

Hi The time as come and we finally finished filming American Drug War 2 "Cannabis Destiny". The release date is June 6th and will be in theaters all across the states. All though we never met our goal through Kickstarter, we did get funded through private investors and we are proud to announce that it has been picked up by Warner Brothers and through VOD Gravitas. On June 6, “American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny” will premiere in theaters, and YOU have the opportunity to attend a special screening of the film on its release date! 

From director Kevin Booth comes a riveting follow up to 2007’s “American Drug War: The Last White Hope.” In "ADW 2: Cannabis Destiny", we meet the Hyde family. After surviving brain surgery, Proton Radiation and high dose Chemotherapy a 2-year-old boy named Cashy Hyde lay in a coma not eating for over 40 days. His parents are told by the doctors to make funeral arrangements, however Cashy’s father Mike Hyde had been reading on the Internet about a new version of an ancient medicine derived from Cannabis. Unbeknownst to the hospital staff the Hyde’s start secretly injecting the illegal drug into their dying son’s feeding tube and soon a “miracle” takes place. When the hospital staff learns that it is Cannabis they want nothing to do with it.

 “American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny” is a film you don’t want to miss. But we need the help of all our supporters to ensure this film gets the attention it deserves. Below is a link of the cities the film is currently booked to play on June 6th

 Here is the tricky part - to ensure this evening happens, each theater must pre-sell approximately 50+ tickets in order cover the cost of the theater rental. If you’re interested in attending, please pre-buy your tickets before May 30th in order to ensure the screening will happen. If the threshold is not met, your credit card will not be charged and the event will not happen. BUT we really want to see this national campaign succeed, so please help us spread the word and we look forward to seeing you in person on June 6th! 

 Here is a clip from the film Most important – here is the link for tickets Los Angeles CA Find more theaters 

If you pledged $50.00 or more through our personal website at Sacred Cow Productions please contact about being on our special  guest list at your local screening or here in Los Angeles. 

 Hulu link- 

 Love and Peace Trae Booth

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The Power of RAW Cannabis

This is a clip from our film that got leaked onto You Tube about a year ago. Since then we have had it taken down about ten times. Here is the latest posting of it -