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A £1 cookbook compiling the crowd's recipes. Each backer submits 1 recipe. The more backers there are, the bigger the cookbook gets!
1,318 backers pledged £1,925 to help bring this project to life.
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  • pledge £1
  • submit your favourite recipe (once the campaign is finished)
  • get everyone's recipes as a PDF in return

We believe that crowdfunding can provide more than the funding, and we want to challenge the Kickstarter community to create something altogether. This project cannot be done without you, so join in with the fun!

The more backers there are, the bigger and better the project will get!

Okay, and what will the PDF look like?

It will look great! All the recipes will be compiled in to a beautiful PDF designed by our favourite graphic design studio Stinsensqueeze. Check out below the visuals. The PDF will be designed in a way so that you can also print out your favorite recipes using a standard A4 printer.

Cookbook front cover
Cookbook front cover
Template - where your recipe will go in
Template - where your recipe will go in
Example of a spread, using stats from the submissions
Example of a spread, using stats from the submissions

How will I submit my recipe?

Once the campaign is finished, we will contact all of you with instructions on how to submit your recipe.

We will ask you:

  • your name
  • location
  • name of recipe
  • category of recipe (starter, main, dessert, condiment, …)
  • suitable for (vegetarian, vegans, omnivores, ...)
  • short sentence explaining where the recipe is from ("a roast my grandma used to make every Sunday...")
  • list of ingredients
  • approximate preparation time
  • instructions
  • and of course 1 picture of the result!

Why are we doing this?

We don't expect this to be a 3 star Michelin cookbook. There will be some great recipes and perhaps some slightly odd ones. We are doing this project because we share a passion for cooking and eating with friends and we want to celebrate it. We also think it is a great way to creatively explore the potential of crowdfunding. We see this project as an experiment. We have no idea how many of you will get involved and what you will submit. But there is potential for a fantastic outcome! How many burger recipes will there be? Could we sort the food by popularity or country? Will someone submit the recipe for Hákarl (Islandic rotten shark)? But all in all, it's really about having fun together and enjoying good food!

What do we need the money for?

To realise the project and fulfil all the rewards, we need to raise £10. We want to make a cookbook of at least 10 recipes. We really hope you will take part of it and help us reach our goal. :-)

The money will be used to finish the design of the book and implement everyone's recipes. We will also do some spell checking for every recipe, but please: you will save us many hours of our time by making sure your submission contains no spelling mistake at all. :-)

Project timeline

  • April/May: Kickstarter campaign, getting as many people as possible involved!
  • June/July: you will be asked to submit your recipe by filling out a form. Check your emails!
  • August/September: Implementation and finalizing of the design of the cookbook.
  • September: Cookbook sent to all the backers!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

And thanks to our friends who enjoy having food with us: Els, Georgi, Yann, David, Arthur, Simon, Stina and Louise.

Spread the word to make your cookbook even more complete!
You can connect with us on Facebook or twitter 

Risks and challenges

Although the idea is very simple, the challenge of this project is to get everyone's commitment. As a backer, you are part of the project and you have the responsibility to submit your recipe in due time. If all the backers don't send their recipes in on time, it is very likely that there will be delays in the fulfilment of this project.

On our side, we will do our very best to keep everyone posted about the progress of the book and we will share interesting submission throughout. Any delay will be announced and we will do anything we can do to overcome them.

We are Sidekick Creatives, a collective of designers, filmmakers and media professionals exclusively set up to support other creatives to realise their crowdfunding campaigns. Since setting up in 2013, we have supported more than 8 campaigns and we know what it takes to run one. All the campaigns we have been involved in have been planned and the delivery date of your reward has been chosen from experience.

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