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$1,373 pledged of $15,000 goal
$1,373 pledged of $15,000 goal

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    1. Robert Staehlin on May 18, 2011

      Damn...this is an awesome project with great art and what looks like a super fun design!

      I am crossing my fingers that you guys will be able to succeed....a lot can happen in 10 days!

    2. Rei Kagetsuki 6-time creator on April 28, 2011

      Unless by some miracle we get a lot of backers within the next few days, we will be taking down Scroll Ninja from KickStarter and putting up a different project. ScrollNinja development will continue, and we'll be selling the game once we have a playable beta. Overall our failure was in putting it up with too little content and not understanding how to work non-Japanese social media. We may be doing an interview with IndieGames, and we'll start putting updates on Twitter and progressively update We'll also be sending the special wallpapers to those who have backed thus far - your sentiment is worth more than $1 to us. We'd also like to thank all those who commented as well as the KickStarter staff for helping us out.

      This page will remain up until we have our next project page ready. We have two candidates for our next project but I think we'll be going with finishing up a device I made, called SpinShot: . After creating a few prototypes we attempted to sell the idea as both a service and a product but we were not able to raise enough interest. The problem there is that we're a bunch of engineers and artists - we have no marketing or business staff.... ll be setting much lower goals with better organized rewards.

    3. Rei Kagetsuki 6-time creator on April 21, 2011

      @Michael Indyk
      You are absolutely correct. I have added that information toward the top of the description on the projects main page (you can still edit the description after launch).

      I will however keep the term "release" as even if the project fails we will all remain a team - we all have equal shares in the company at this point and we are all extremely close friends. Tohyama and Iwakawa in particular are like brothers. If funding fails it will mean we'll have to suspend the project and find jobs until we've raised enough money to come back and work on things full time - but that could be years (again) and at that point Scroll Ninja may be irrelevant.

    4. Braunbaer on April 21, 2011

      @Rei Kagetsuki
      Maybe some of this information should be on the project description. People like to know how you will use the money and what it is good for.
      Maybe you should consider to change the goal from "release" to "survive" and rise it again if it is going well. (dunno if this is possible)

      i realy like your projekt and if i could i would plegde more. Pls keep on going!

    5. Rei Kagetsuki 6-time creator on April 21, 2011

      It's not looking too good for us at the moment. We've just had to give up our office due to lack of funds and taxes are going to clean us out. With KickStarter not working out I think this may be the end of us. I'm going to upload one more video (the night mode preview) later tonight and do my best on Twitter and Facebook, but if things don't improve after a week or so I'm considering taking down Scroll Ninja and putting up a new project for the completion of SpinShot ( which may be a bit more KickStarter compatible and is something we can commercialize with less money...

    6. BravadoWaffle on April 19, 2011

      I hope you guys make your funding goal! This game looks amazing already! I'm happy to support ya, us indie developers need to stick together!

    7. Rei Kagetsuki 6-time creator on April 3, 2011

      We'll be updating with more play footage as soon as we can - as well as regular progress reports. Expect a video from Tohyama and I within the week. The clips in the video now are actually from a few months back. I'll post the full clips soon. Thanks to everyone who's backed so far!

    8. palenoue on April 3, 2011

      Good looking game! Can't wait to enjoy multiplayer side-scrilling action.

    9. Rei Kagetsuki 6-time creator on March 31, 2011

      @Teig Zaharia
      コメントありがとうございます。全力尽くします! ザハリアさんも皆様も満足出来る楽しい作品に仕上げることを約束します。


    10. Tieg Zaharia
      on March 31, 2011