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$3,200 pledged of $30,000 goal
$3,200 pledged of $30,000 goal

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The Scroll Ninja Community

Untill our next campaign we'd like to get a community going. We'll have our own internal forums primarily for development chat and to talk about/help people working on derivative works but until then we're starting off with a Google+ community. Come join us at:

Jun Tohyama will be updating and I'll be responding to as much discussion as possible. This will be a place where anyone can keep up to date and converse with us for the time being.

More details on why we haven't set up forums yet:

We'll be using forem from Radar for our forums, but we'll also be tying user registration and authentication into our licensing system. Licensing authentication (proof you bough the game/proof you bought it as a kickstarter reward for special contents) will be tied to the same account that you can use to sign in to the forums. This will also be the account you'll be able to submit bug reports and get support from. It's kind of like our poor-mans Steam ID.
In order to get everything set up right the first time we're going to take our time and lay things out so we won't have any issues. In the interim development chat and bug reports are perfectly acceptable in the Google+ community.

Weapons Preview

We've had a slight delay in raising the forums/community interaction stuff. The solution we were originally considering didn't quite stack up so we're setting something else up now.

In the mean time Jun drew up some of the basic weapons - picture below. The first row three different varieties of ninja sword or "shinobigatana" [忍刀]. From left to right is Water, Fire, and Wind for our three initial characters.

The second row contains two guns which will probably be the weapons used by the Water Ninja, a long range rifle "jyuu" [銃] and a shorter range shot gun "sandanjyuu" [散弾銃]. Remember we've got semi-accurate physics so shuriken [手裏剣] throwing stars and thrown kunai [苦無] utility blades will fall - whereas the rifle will have a much further range. And if you are wondering ninjas did in fact use rifles - that is historically accurate. Next up is the "kama" sickle [鎌] which will be used by the Wind Ninja.

The last row starts out with two kama bound together - binding and modular weapons were rather common for the ninja. Next are 4 varieties of ninja "kanshakudama" firecrackers [癇癪玉]. There is the basic fire, a smoke bomb which will emit smoke and obstruct the views of enemies, a flash bomb which blinds everyone in range for a short period, and a shock bomb which both stuns enemies and physically blasts them away. After that is a set of scrolls. Collecting scrolls powers you up and lets you use increasingly powerful special abilities.

These are just some of the weapons that will be included in the initial chapters with the initial ninja. We'll have more details as we decide on them and get sketches up. In the mean time we'll have a community up ASAP as we get ready. In other news, we may have found another dedicated developer for the team as one of our friends just left a big studio (he was involved in making a game that involves a futuristic ninja on a flat black console).

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Content Update

We've updated the [Pre] Alpha Demo and added new information on controls as well as character information and some new enemy details. Check it all out!

Playable Alpha Demos Here:

Control Details Here:

Character and Enemy Details Here:

Progress Update

Sorry for the lack of updates over the New Years holiday. New Years is a big deal in Japan, so we've been juggling travel, family, work and holiday events.

On top of all this lead programmer Iwakawa had a death in the family yesterday. This will delay demo updates. We hoped to have enemies in the demo by the last week of the campaign but that may not be possible.

In response to this we will be updating the demo once more with what we have at the moment and submitting to news sites one last time.

We've also started seeing people cancelling their pledges. We're not sure if they've lost confidence in us or just become disinterested in the project, but we would appreciate feedback as to why. If you are someone who has cancelled their pledge we'd really like a message as to why.