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A completely free and open set of emoji that anybody can use in any project without a fee and without any restrictive conditions.
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Rei Kagetsuki

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emojidex Beta Release!


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For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

Cheat Sheet Working & Updated

We've fixed the cheat sheet: . Everybody check it out and give us feedback. Particularly if you requested an emoji and you don't like the result please tell us.

One thing to note is that animated emoji shown here are in animated PNG format. If you do not use FireFox or Opera you may need an extension such as this one for Chrome/Chromium. Our next project by the way deals directly with APNG. We intend to improve what we believe is the best converter (apngasm), turn it into a library, provide a Ruby gem native extension and a cross platform converter. The maintainers at the Chrome/Chromium project have promised to include APNG support officially if they see it in wide use; so those animated PNG emoji you see there we would really like to see you start using right away.

POE Nearing Completion

Before I give the update let me just mention that Simon George, the person who got us on to the idea of creating a free and open source emoji set, is running a campaign of his own: . Please check it out. The Genshin team wishes him luck.

It's been over a month since our last update and in that time Jun has completed most of the emoji orders. If you haven't put yours in (haven't filled out the survey) then please do so ASAP. You can check out our current progress from the github repositories. Currently we're having issues with deployment of our cheat-sheet so it is not the most up-to-date source. When the cheat-sheet is fixed I'll post a short update.

As promised we have also released a forked gemoji with the POE assets replacing the A***e assets:

Other than creating our emoji we've been working on emoji tools and an emoji based service which we'll be releasing as "emojidex". There will be more details as we finish up and release our tools and base code. Hang in there - emojidex will hopefully make emoji [not just the standard emoji] available and usable on everything.

We're also finishing up the details for our next project, which tough not directly emoji related is something we will use to create and distribute animated emoji. It is [of course] another Open Source project.

Thanks everyone! And please keep telling us how you are using POE or where you have found POE in the wild.

Emoji - soon to be more accessable!

We're slowly getting more reports of people using POE. Some projects ff particular interest:

Google project to standardize mulit-color font glyphs, with POE as sources for the emoji set:

POE plugin for Wordpress:

And of course our own Rails plugin [work in progress!]:

Othrewise emoji are gradually being added to the set. Be sure to check in regularly. Also if you see your emoji in the set and have any complaints be sure to leave them in the comments.