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Animated PNG could have been a standard more than 10 years ago and yet we're stuck with GIF. We'll make new OSS tools to use it now!
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New Stretch Goals

Posted by Rei Kagetsuki (Creator)

After getting a lot of input from our last update we've decided to alter our stretch goals:

  •  We will create a Photoshop plug-in that will utilize the animation editor in Photoshop before the Java libraries - but we will not charge more for the Java library stretch goal. The reason for this is there is a plug-in market for Adobe products - the plug-in will be FREE to all backers over $10 and we'll charge for the plug-in for non-backers to make up the difference and fund APNG software development beyond the campaign.
  • GIMP support will be implemented after Java support. This will push back CoffeeScript/JavaScript implementation but to make it more available we will break it up into dis-assebly and assembly
  • For CoffeeScript/JavaScript support APNG dis-assembly into frames will be implemented first, with assembly at a higher stretch goal level. This will make it so plug-ins/shims/in-page scripts can be created to break down APNG content for browsers that don't/won't support it [IE] or to use APNG as a container format for animation content (EG compile animations into APNG but then use the frames separately or vary the animation pattern with a script).

Here's our new reach goal pricing:
7.5k: Photoshop Plug-in
10k: Java + ObjectiveC
12.5k: GIMP integration complete with a robust animation editor (that can hopefully be used for other animation formats in the future like WebP)
14k: CoffeeScript/JavaScript dis-assembly
15k: CoffeeScript/JavaScript assembly
17.5k: SVG-SMIL to APNG
20k: Python native libraries
22.5k: PHP native libraries
32k+: Inkscape Animation Editor, etc.


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    1. Rei Kagetsuki 6-time creator on

      @Wes Frazier while I personally agree the level of demand for Photoshop is pretty high. There's also two things about implementing a Photoshop plugin first that will be beneficial. The first being we can charge for it through the plugin market and use those funds to develop what we didn't collect for here. The second being there is no "real" animation editor for GIMP - everything we've seen is sort of a hack or difficult to use; so doing Photoshop first we can see how they did it and try to do it better.

    2. Wes Frazier on

      GIMP Support seems more pressing considering the foss nature of the kickstarter.

    3. Rei Kagetsuki 6-time creator on

      @ralf wagenleitner $10 gets you the plug-in. I guess I should have phrased it "$10 or more". I will change the wording in the campaign.

    4. Rei Kagetsuki 6-time creator on

      @3DGeek I basically agree with you on most of your points and I myself am pessimistic about hitting 10k.

      As for Chrome/Chromium don't assume our efforts end here with this campaign. Once we have the tools to implement in some way we'll do our best to see widespread adoption. We'll be launching a service ourselves that uses APNG and encouraging image services that do not already support APNG to support it would surely have some effect. The fact that there is already a working patch for Chrome/Chromium and that we have a promise from some Google developers to accept the patch if they see enough demand is at least a reason to try. And if all that fails there is also the plug-in:…

      As for the CoffeeScript/JavaScript library I really hope the pledges get that far but just let me note that there are actually scripts available to dis-assemble and animate APNG images in page. Some examples:
      Of course none of these will ever be as graceful as true native support and that continues to be the reason why JS/Coffee has been pushed to the back. The truth is the JS/Coffee implementation is more of a library for node or for inclusion in Titanium apps or the like than for the creation of a shim... though it would allow for the easy creation of a very capable shim.

    5. Missing avatar

      ralf wagenleitner on

      Just to clarify: The PSP plugin is free for all kickstarters above 10$.
      Does it mean 11$ or the next pledge level of 25$?

      If it's require 25$, please be so kindly to set up a digital only reward.
      I don't need phys things I want the thing get started ;p)

    6. Steve Baker on

      Realistically - this kickstarter is unlikely to raise more than $10,000. Projects that get a good first-week spurt then level off will generally get a last-week surge of similar size - it's rare for the last-week effect to do more than that. So with this update, we'll probably get to the Photoshop plugin and *maybe* stretch as far as Java/ObjectiveC...but the odds are not great that we'll get any further.

      So what do we expect this to achieve? With the base goals and the new Photoshop stretch goal, we'll end up with a bunch of improved library support - plus the Photoshop plugin - which will cost $$$ to everyone except the 100 (maybe eventually, 200) backers.

      I guess having the $10 pledge level actually being worth something (A Free Photoshop plugin worth $XX !!) gives backers something tangible that they'd have to pay for otherwise - and that may increase the last-week-Kickstarter-surge...but it'll take a lot of publicity to make that happen. On the other hand, having this project fund a closed-source package is kinda counter to it's initial open-source goals - which may dissuade some backers.

      IMHO, nothing in this bundle (by itself) will give APNG the uptake it needs to persuade the Chrome folks to include it into their browser. Which means that web developers can't use APNG in preference to GIF - even if the tools to make them are now available via Photoshop.

      So we'd be reliant on enough future sales of the Photoshop plugin to provide the necessary income for Rei to continue to push the project...but that's a chicken-and-egg problem. If APNG doesn't work in Chrome (and therefore, Android) - then it's not useful to web developers, even if they can make them easily. So why would people need the photoshop plugin?

      This is a difficult problem - the best solution is to raise more money - so we need everyone to tell their friends to pledge. Everyone who makes fancy websites should be pledging here. We really NEED to hit $15k so that the JavaScript code will allow APNG in any browser.