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We are raising funds for our first tour to South by Southwest in March 2013.

Bullet Made Statues is an extremely hard-working band out of Thousand Oaks, California. Since our inception only eight months ago, we have written and recorded three EPs, with a fourth in the works now. Here's our first EP "Autumn" which we just released: 

We have built up our fanbase in the Thousand Oaks and Los Angeles areas, cultivating our live shows and songs in front of hundreds of our dedicated and local fans. 

Now it's time to take this show on the road! 

We are happy to announce that we have booked two shows in Austin during the South By Southwest Festival, on Thursday March 14th at the Red Shed Tavern and Sunday March 17th at Firehouse. With Austin being so popular during that festival, those two shows were the most difficult to secure. We're thrilled we've got them nailed down and now we are booking dates in cities from LA to Austin for a tour: Vegas, Phoenix, Tucson, San Antonio and more. 

Here's a full tour itinerary:

We're also happy to announce that Bite The Buffalo, a blues-rock band from Bath, England will be flying over to join us on the tour. They are our "brother band" in the UK, and with the unique British connection, we're excited to provide a diverse tour experience for both fans and ourselves. 

While a number of these shows are paid, we do need some upfront cash to cover the expenses of the tour: 

Van rental and gas: $2,000

Food: $1,000

Lodging: $1,000

Total: $4,000 

So you may notice that the goal for this campaign is $2,000, when what we actually need is $4,000. We feel that we have a responsibility to make this tour happen and put our money where our mouths are. Subsequently we are happy to say that we have a paid gig every weekend in January and February, and we are continually working to get more. However, it's a challenge to raise the full amount on our own and we really need your help to make this happen.

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While setting up any tour requires a significant amount of work and expense, this is our livelihood. After the project is funded, we may face unexpected costs or unforeseen challenges, but like we said, this is our livelihood and it's our responsibility both to ourselves and our fans to not only make this tour happen, but also continue to release new and exciting music.

As we have already written and recorded three EPs, we are confident we can deliver music to our backers that support our cause. We have a fully functional studio and make about two to three songs a week, so with that extensive experience and infrastructure, we are confident we can write, record, and deliver music to all our backers.


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    A free download of our EP "Autumn".

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    A free download of our two EP's "Autumn" and "Winter".

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    A free download of all four of our EP's: "Autumn", "Winter", "Spring", and "Summer." Also, we'll send you personalized pictures from tour so you can be part of the experience, and an autographed tour poster.

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    We will record a specialized ringtone specifically for you.

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    We will write and record a song that will be only for you! We won't release it to the public for two years, so you can enjoy the song that is entirely written just for you!

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    We will write and record a birthday song for you or a loved one.

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    For business sponsorships we will place business logos on all our social networking websites, include a banner on stage with the company name at each show, as well as liner notes in each of our four EPs.

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