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Please join us and be a part of the joy of recording our new album! The most direct, honest, heart-tugging Il Gato yet.

Hello Friends, Fans and Cat People!

You have made it to Il Gato’s Kickstarter page!  Thanks for reading, listening, and for helping us take part in the vibrant and creative Kickstarter community!

We are recording a new album and want you to be a part of the process. We have been laboring for a long while creating the songs which will present the most direct expression of Il Gato yet. We have self-financed 2 albums at this point as independent musicians and are now reaching out to our community at large to bring this cacophony of emotions, which we believe to be our finest, to the masses to laugh, cry and sing along with. 

It’s always difficult asking for money. We are musicians first, businessmen fifth, so this is not first nature for us.  This is, however, an opportunity for everyone who has always encouraged and supported our music (as well as those new to us) to be an essential part of the story, by getting involved at a fundamental level and allowing us to continue creating music.

We tried to dream up original and fun pledge rewards (see further descriptions below), things that will hopefully be special to YOU, our potential backers.  We are so excited for everyone to hear our next album and look forward to playing our songs for you at our live shows.  We sincerely and truly thank you for your time and your support.

If you need no more convincing, press that green button to your right. Otherwise read on for our full plan! Please join us and spread the word via: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.! Learn more about us at our website.



Il Gato (Daimian Holiday Scott, Johnny Major, Andrew Thomas)

P.S. We will be playing a show at Cafe Du Nord on Thursday, April 5th to officially launch our Kickstarter campaign. Please join us!


IMPORTANT REMINDER: The way Kickstarter works is that you donate funds to enable the completion of a creative project, and in return you receive cool rewards, unique to the project. You are essentially acting as a patron of the arts. The catch is that if we do not reach our goal within our 40 days, we get zero/zilch/nothing. Your credit cards won't be charged until we meet our goal.



Il Gato has been working on the songs for this album, our second together as a band, over the past year. We have all contributed long days, cold nights, and marathon weekends to writing music that we truly believe in and think that you will enjoy.  This second studio album (the follow up to 2010’s “All these Slippery Things”) will be a stripped-down, honest, naked expression of Il Gato the band, Il Gato the man (Daimian), and Il Gato the legend (…). Now we must figure out how to pay for the many expenses involved with making this record and putting it out.


In addition to taking lots of time and planning, making a record is quite a costly endeavor (if interested, please see TIME and NPR). Budgets for record making and releases vary, but our costs are at least $9,000. We’re setting our Kickstarter goal at $7,700 (with every dime over that amount to assist in the additional costs). With your generous donations and our credit cards, we will make this project happen!

This includes:

- Engineering & Mixing Fees ($4000)
- Mastering (~$1000)
- Merchandise (~$1500)
- Kickstarter Fees - 5% ($385)
- Amazon Fees - 5% - the only way to gain the money when the project is successful! ($385)
- Shipping/Postage/Mailing fees (~$200)
- Miscellaneous - Musicians, Artwork, etc. (~$200)

* There are lots of other costs to release a record, after years of making music, touring and self-releasing we can tell you that it can be an incredibly costly endeavor (Publicity, Promotion, Tours, etc.) and that your contributions are incredibly appreciated.


We are going back to the awesome Tiny Telephone studio and Ian Pelicci (sound engineer, Deerhoof, Rogue Wave, etc.) and will be tracking in April, overdubbing and mixing in May and June, and mastering in July all on our credit card. We will be releasing our as-of-yet-untitled-second-studio-album in August of this year. 

Our goal is to not only create a transcendent, beautiful and inspirational album, but also to build a grassroots promotional machine: e-mails, Facebook shares, tweets, word of mouth, friend-friend-family-friend communications, etc. By September we hope to have garnered the attention of the music gatekeepers who bless musicians with fame and fortune, and maybe a career in our collective passion: Music.


Some images of the rewards you will receive with your donation are below!

DIVERS T-SHIRT (of Fleischhacker Pool, San Francisco, CA)


2010, "All these Slippery Things"

2011, "All those Slippery Things" EP

2007, "conversationmusic" (solo, self-recorded album)

"All these Slippery Things" bundle POSTER

Notes on Merch:

* Special Gift: You will enjoy!
** Posters will be folded in shipping process
*** T-Shirt (S, M, L, XL) dependent on availability (if we do not have your size, we will provide you with another equally tantalizing reward).


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    THE MILK - Exclusive first listen to album before official release

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    THE PURR - All of the above + Digital download of our new album

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    THE CAT NIP - All of the above + download of Demo/Bonus Tracks

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    THE MEOW - All of the above + shipped Autographed advance CD (with hand-written Thank You note)

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    THE KITTEN - All of the above + Special Gift (*)

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    THE LITTER - All of the above + Limited Edition Poster (**) + immediate download of previous albums ("All these Slippery Things"/"All those Slippery Things" or "conversationmusic")

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    THE BOBCAT - All of the above + T-shirt (***) OR Entry to private pre-release show for you and a guest + Immediate download of previous albums ("All these Slippery Things"/"All those Slippery Things" and "conversationmusic")

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    THE WILDCAT - All of the above + "All these Slippery Things" BUNDLE (Divers T-Shirt /CD/Poster) + "conversationmusic" CD

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    THE PANTHER - All of the above + we will record a cover song video of your choosing "Il Gato-style" or a Music Lesson (Bass with Andrew, Drums with Johnny - in SF or Oakland or via Skype, 1 lesson)

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    THE LION - All of the above + your own Il Gato song, written and recorded at home for you on whatever subject you require

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    THE SABER-TOOTH - All of the above + private concert in the venue of your choosing (apt., house, park, etc) in the Bay Area. If you pay travel expenses, we will travel to play for you.

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    THE 9 LIVES - All of the above + free entry to Il Gato shows for life

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