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One hour film for PBS on the remaining Tallgrass Prairie and the true tale of survival of an American icon-the Greater Prairie Chicken.

One hour film for PBS on the remaining Tallgrass Prairie and the true tale of survival of an American icon-the Greater Prairie Chicken. Read More
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LAST HOURS: PLEASE Help US Help Prairie & Prairie Birds!!! 

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This is a 1 hr film intended for PBS & film festivals to begin a dialog on the fate of the Tallgrass Prairie and a bird we have identified as our hero: the Greater Prairie Chicken. This squat - no- dumpy 2 lb. bird saved the Pilgrims but is now greatly reduced. When do we as humans begin to act? Why do we wait until the last minute? 

This film examines the history and biology of this bird and our contact with it- both beneficial and detrimental. We see suburban kids react to their first encounter with this bird, and then take a look at average people that we ask some very simple questions to. Noted Biologists, farmers and ranchers are also interviewed as we take a look at how our society operates in a world we too often think that we are independent of. Do urban/suburban people really get the big picture?

Everything is coming to a head in Kansas. How can we find a balance which allows ranchers to earn a living and yet accommodates the wildlife of these sweeping native grasslands? The wildlife has lived in these habitats for over a hundred thousand years, since the last Ice Age retreated.

Perhaps even more remarkable, is the non-migratory Greater Prairie Chicken. When we first arrived to the interior of the Continent, their ancestors greeted ours. But we'll save the surprise.

Can cellulose biofuels play a role in saving prairie and it's diversity? How would that effect the dwindling prairie species? How will intense wind power, or huge solar farms, oil and gas development effect the birds? We plant the seeds of these questions and offer some as an example of hope for change in agriculture and how we treat our native grasslands. In the long run, nearly all of these questions will have to be answered by private landowners. If everything is going to become a simple matter of using and abusing our earth until we have maximized our profits, then probably all prairie will disappear, our soils will erode and the prairie chickens are certainly doomed. However, if agriculture is truly a service industry, the power lies in choices made consciously by consumers in every convenience or grocery store, and every restaurant in America not just fast food. What do we want? How do we go about deciding consciously or unconsciously? What do we want our earth to look like?

Why we need your support:

We are now 98-99% complete with production. Some parts of production began in 2007, but during the last 2 years we were able to really pick up the pace. 

Now the last standing hurdle to broadcast on PBS is the funds for post production. I have budgeted one last helicopter flight in the requested amount, but really the editing will take at least 3 months, and this is not done by amateurs. Completion of the film will be an "online" HD Master produced in a high end facility. Then we produce the DVD's (Blu-ray* & standard) and digital downloads for those of you who made this possible. We would like to include all the interviews- farmers, ranchers, biologists in these products.

We've put together some really cool rewards for all of you, so Please- help us get this Done!

Thanks So Much- 

* Because of Blu-ray association fees we may produce a disk with all the content in Blu-ray format and which will only play on Blu-ray players but will be burned to a standard set of DVD -R disks.



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    Custom designed postcard & Button

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    Prairie Chicken Coffee Tumbler
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    Mentioned in the "Thanks to" section of the credits of the film, with all the benefits of the lower categories.
    Limited Supply: 1 Prairie Chicken feather from the Battle/booming ground Guaranteed to first 15 at this level. See updates on how we are presenting this unique item.
    plus most Swag from the "lower" rewards.
    With Bigger Extreme Gratitude!

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    Charles Harper print (5 only, 1 each)
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    $5,000 and more (4 only)
    You and one other friend, family member or significant other will accompany Tim for one day in a blind viewing Greater Prairie Chickens in the spring of 2012. This will be the booming ground where the principal filming took place so many of the "cast" will be back. Transportation is not included. But lodging and a yummy breakfast afterwards is!

    Charles Harper print (3), Blu Ray DVD numbered Associate Producer credit package included. plus most Swag from the "lower" rewards.
    Wow... donating at this level you know you are becoming enlightened.

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    $10,000 + (3 Only)
    You may bring 4 people in blinds near Emporia Ks at the peak of booming season with film maker Tim Barksdale. Includes Local Finest Motel accommodations (!), (Disclaimer this is NOT a 5 star community let alone Hotel), personally driven before first light to the booming ground, detailed but hushed descriptions of the territories and behaviors. After several hours spent quietly in blinds we will all have a wonderful gourmet country breakfast. Followed by a day long tour of Flint Hills. We will add one more naturalist: Brian Obermeyer of the Nature Conservancy; or other Nature Conservancy staff as available. Transportation to Emporia is not included but all else for this one special morning is.

    We will also record the morning experiences and create a mini-doc of your day, this will be burned to DVD for you and mailed at later date.

    Plus: One of 25 Blu-ray DVD from first printing. Signed and numbered w/Specially designed case. Plus all the other swag! At this point you are reaching Sainthood- no kidding.

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