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A teen girl believes she’s being stalked by an increasingly violent poltergeist.


You Will Love Me is the first feature film from Liberty Lane Productions, a Tampa Bay Area-based company that previously produced two multi-award-winning shorts: A Piece of My Heart and You've Got Hell.

YWLM is already shot and partially edited (assuring that you will be contributing to a movie that actually does get made!) and we are raising funds for marketing and post-production, particularly sound design.  The first 90 seconds of our project video is a teaser trailer for the movie made from raw footage (a higher resolution version is at the YouTube link below; despite the sickle poster and random YouTube still, it's not a slasher film nor particularly gruesome but rather a supernatural horror more Ring-ish in nature.)

We were originally thinking about crowd funding the entire production, but instead decided to do it the “hard way” with massive donations of time, energy, locations, food, services and efforts from a cast and crew of about 50 locals who believed in the producers and their project and wanted to contribute to something special (and maybe add another line or two to their resumés).

Unfortunately, sound design is much too daunting and costly of a task to be done entirely on a donation basis, so that’s why we are seeking funds for that aspect of post-production. And God knows you’re asking for trouble by skimping on the sound design in a horror film.

In fact, we probably need a lot more than $1000, but we wanted a goal that we felt was achievable with it being all-or-nothing on here (this is our second try at this), so all funds over our goal will go toward making the sound even better and if any is left over it will be used to market the film (festival submission fees and film market booths, for example).


You Will Love Me is a low budget independent supernatural horror film, but not yet another “found footage” flick like Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity or Devil Inside. Rather we wanted to make a visually impressive, atmospheric treat with a twisted, layered mystery to untangle. We like to describe it as The Ring shot with Paranormal Activity’s budget. Which turned out to be a highly ambitious task.

The movie’s about a teen girl named Paige who comes to believe she was followed home from a party in the woods by a supernatural being of some sort that’s now stalking her in her bedroom. As it becomes more apparent that it’s real, she rejects its interest, which makes it more violent, so she seeks out the help of her skeptical friends and a quirky ghost-hunting professor to unravel the mystery behind the poltergeist activity with hopes of putting an end to it before it kills someone. 

Our first two films were definitely on the artsy side, but because we were seeking distribution, we wanted our first feature film to have some commercial potential, while still maintaining artistic appeal and integrity.

You Will Love Me was shot on the Canon EOS Rebel T3i from September 2011 through January 2012 in St. Petersburg, Seminole, Clearwater, Tampa, Lutz, Land O’ Lakes and an unincorporated rural area of Pasco County (basically, we shot it all over the Tampa Bay area in Florida, which seems to be a theme of our productions).


Liberty Lane Productions was officially formed in 2008, though its roots go back many years before that to a Pinellas County movie theater where a group of film school students, drama society kids and just your every day movie geeks started thinking that maybe they should do more than just hang out in the lobby, making fun of all the lamebrain celluloid garbage Hollywood was pumping into their auditoriums. Maybe instead of just talking about, they should DO something about it. Maybe they should try to make BETTER movies... and occasionally, do it together. (FYI: the theater’s located on Liberty Lane.)

A Piece of My Heart was released in 2009 while their second effort You’ve Got Hell was released in 2010. Both short films were selected to many festivals and each won awards, with Heart capturing the Long Island International Film Expo award for Best Short Film Cinematography while playing in several New York City and Los Angeles area festivals.

LLP was co-founded by R. Presley Stephens & Stephen McKendree, while Chris Ingle, Rhea Rossiter, Kelly Mikes, Tom Bortnyk and Don Hoy have also been associated with the organization from its official beginning.


Stephen McKendree (Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Gaffer, general Robert Rodriguez-type one man band): Also directed and shot “Hell” and “Heart,” the latter of which he won various best director, editing and cinematography awards for. He is an International Academy of Design & Technology digital film school graduate and St. Petersburg resident who works as a freelance filmmaker.

R. Presley Stephens (Co-Writer, Executive Producer): Also wrote “Hell” and “Heart.” A Tampa resident and University of Florida College of Journalism graduate who has won a few writing awards over the years. He’s been everything from a professional researcher to a softball umpire to a film critic (but only because he needed the money). The screenplay was partially inspired by his youth on a heavily forested farm in rural Alabama.

Kelly Mikes (Executive Producer): A Lutz resident who also produced “Hell” and “Heart.”

Chris Wandembergh (Executive Producer): Another Lutz resident.

Don Hoy (Executive Producer, 2nd Unit Director): A St. Petersburg resident who also served as second unit director on “Hell” and “Heart.”

Nicole Pennington (Producer): A Seminole resident who also served as the primary producer on “Hell.”

Jay Frank (Producer): A Palm Harbor resident who was also an assistant director on “Hell.”

Jason Beck (Production Designer): A St. Petersburg resident who is a professional artist (those are his paintings flying off the walls) and landscaper.

Tom Bortnyk & Megan Cooper (Art Directors): Bortnyk has done graphics for all three LLP movies; Cooper did most of the drawings in the movie, among many other things.


Marina Petrano (Paige): Seminole High drama society graduate who has been Howl-O-Scream’s lead character and currently is pursuing a career as a circus performer (a few of those skills made their way into the movie).

Chris Ingle (Tommy): St. Petersburg resident who has starred in all three LLP movies, picking up acting accolades along the way.

Rhea Rossiter (Brenda): Florida State University drama school graduate who has also starred in all three LLP movies.

Weston Adwell (Ava): Lutz resident, drama queen and budding philanthropist.

Nicholas Barrera (Cooper): Accomplished actor with many motion picture, commercial and TV shows under his belt.

Rebecca Barrow Hall (Jenna): Seminole resident and drama student.

Jason Beck (Dr. Hidalgo): Well, this is what he was originally “hired” for.

Cortland Woodard (Mr. Hendricks): He’s done some acting and some modeling, but these days you might best recognize him as an MMA contender.

Chris Cook (Mr. Pritchard): Accomplished actor with several motion picture credits including the original “Dawn of the Dead.”

Also features: Lisa Shorts, Mary Traczinski, Ryan Carter, Charish Harvey, Chris Wandembergh, Casey Cook, Jaden Mikes, Mary Chauvin, Cari Tanner, Walker Cook, Jeff Fabrizio.

A Piece of My Heart's trailer:

A Piece of My Heart's IMDB page:

You've Got Hell's IMDB page:


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