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A Comic Book Made completely from ETCHINGS! Printmaking Extraordinare! Heyall!!!! Read more

Brooklyn, NY Comics
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A Comic Book Made completely from ETCHINGS! Printmaking Extraordinare! Heyall!!!!

Brooklyn, NY Comics
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Do I love Printmaking? totally. live it always. Do I love comics? 100%.

I attempted last year to combine the fine art of ETCHING with COMICS, which is unusual. Why is it difficult to make a story though an etching? Well, an etching is a reproduced image from a COPPER PLATE (which is a very expensive piece of sheet metal!) that when sent through a press, is printed BACKWARDS! which means everything you draw needs to be BACKWARDS! WORDS, letters, and ALL! Difficult for making comics! Can you imagine? Well, in this crazy brain of mine, I secretly enjoy really obsessive crazy projects. SOME TINY TINY CLIPS FROM THE ETCHINGS:

Can you imagine what my childhood was like in a seven child family being this obsessive? This is what the comic is about!!!!!!!!!! It's a funny, sad, perverted, tragic, weird life I've lead. Very insane, but composed. You can tell my obsessive nature from the stories and also from the manner in which I draw.

IMPORTANT LINKS so you know how great etching is.

My website is You can view the finished (so far) etching comics here: THIS IS HOW YOU MAKE ONE ETCHING!! I documented it so my readers could know how laborious my art is!


So far I only have about six or seven small stories about my childhood. I would like to make a well-published book that documents these finely printed pieces of art and stories of my life. Here are the specs, okay? WHERE: I will be printing at Robert Blackburn Studio in Midtown Manhattan. It costs money to print there for sure, but it is the best studio by far. Collaborative paradise. WHAT: I need to buy endless fine art paper and sheets of heavy expensive copper, along with other supplies that come along with my etchings HOW: Going to Make an Unknown amount of Stories (It's usually one or two short stories per plate), Print them (I print an "edition" which is multiple copies, like photocopying my image. except hand printing it), and then once I have my collection together of these beautiful lil diddies, I will be laying them out on computers and self-publishing them SOMEHOW. I will also show the etchings themselves in art shows, etc. (I do that currently!)

the most important question: WHY DONT YOU JUST MAKE A STUPID DRAWING WITH A PEN AND PAPER?: Because my life passion is Printmaking, the smell of the ink gets me through my life. Plus looking at an etching and looking at a drawing is a totally different experience. The tools in etching are very tiny and easy to get lost in. You can make detailed metropolises with the scrawl of your metal tools. It's quite lovely.

I currently work at a bakery, not making very much money and am trying to balance my lifestyle with art and everything else. It's difficult! With everyone's help, I will be making awesome pieces of art that are each meticulously made and focused upon, and you will be supporting someone who truly has a great life passion for prints and comics. I just can't afford it, and I really need help to have time and just draw and focus. Printing costs a lot, and so does Publishing. Bummer.


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