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51 Serif St. is a 38 page horror comic created by Horatiu Radoiu telling the tale the 51 house for rehabilitating criminals.
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Horatiu Radoiu

88 backers pledged $3,672 to help bring this project to life.

After the goal!

So I am putting this out to the backers and lovely folks on Kickstarter, what would be a cool incentive to help bring the goal up more, I am completely open to suggestions. What would you guys like to see? A raffle for art? A drawing for a commission? LEt me know!

Let us set something special for the $1500 goal, and another for the (unlikely but let us all try and make it happen) milestone of $2000!

Also, I'm up for adding new rewards if anyone wants to come up with fun ideas!

Thank you for the support and let's make this book happen and get in the hands of people :)