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Bring your clan to victory in this mix of resource management and deck building game!
Bring your clan to victory in this mix of resource management and deck building game!
2,750 backers pledged $236,949 to help bring this project to life.

Hall of Ancestors is unlocked and new expansion revealed!

Posted by Lucky Duck Games (Creator)
Arrrh Vikings!

Hall of Ancestors is unlocked!

 The Hall of Ancestors is a place where all the ancient Artifacts are preserved. Covered in dust, they are waiting to be used to bring prosperity and power to their village. Only issue, nobody knows what is where and does what!

Introducing a new Building!

 Will you push your luck? :)

#22 Stretch Goal!

 This Stretch Goal #22 will push your Kickstarter Pack over 100 exclusive cards! Congratulation everyone!

Announcing a new expansion!

We have talked about it. It is finally ready! Let me present you Ragnarok! Expansion. A wonderful and challenging solo / cooperative mode! And this one is an Add-on :)

 To order the Ragnarok! Expansion simply add $9 to your pledge!

Note on other expansions

 Many of you have asked for an option to pick only specific expansions from the Ultimate Pledge. Unfortunately for now the plan is to bundle them together in one box even in retail to not accumulate too many products/SKUs. If this were to change we will let you know!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Barg on

      There are 2 texts for hall of ancestors; in the first picture "you draw" and in thé second picture "you may draw and discard it". What is the good card?

    2. Missing avatar

      Nathalie Beaudoin on

      I just updated the amount, but it's the first time I try this, so please can you confirm that all is ok so that I will receive the add-on?

    3. Ellen Wobrak

      Will this expansion be sold after Kickstarter?

    4. Joel Louis Smith on

      Ah, pledge amount includes S&H, which is why total seemed off (I figured that'd be added in later). I added an extra $9 just to be safe. I figure it's more than worth it, plus I get to help out an awesome game get started on the right foot.

    5. Joel Louis Smith on

      Definitely want this! I already pledged $96 USD for the Ultimate set, which is what it made me pledge to get ultimate (I'm guessing this is some sort of currency transfer issue since it's listed as $89) Would I need to pledge +$2 USD or something else?

    6. Cosmic Beard

      Will the Ragnorok expansion cards fit in the Ultimate box? I'm assuming it would since it's only 54 additional cards, but just asking in case I'm missing something.

    7. Matthieu B. on

      Hum Ragnarok! Expansion seems great ! more 9$ added to my pledge !

    8. Rik Claessens on

      So it is not included in the Ultimate Box? I should add $9,- to my ultimate pledge as well?

    9. Steven Maier


      Will you have enough space to also fit the Ragnarok Expansion into the Ultimate Box?? Then absolutely everything would be in one box!!! No small boxes to store / carry around!

      Great stuff guys, the artwork sold me on this game, but reading into the gameplay after backing has me convinced that it will be a lot of fun!!