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Bring your clan to victory in this mix of resource management and deck building game!
Bring your clan to victory in this mix of resource management and deck building game!
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It's a Kind of Magic - What's in the box?

Posted by Lucky Duck Games (Creator)
Arrrh Vikings!

It's a Kind of Magic - What's in the box?

 As promised, here is a full description of It's a Kind of Magic Expansion! This expansion includes 110 cards and introduces some new and interesting core concepts which I will go into details now.

 Disclaimer: this expansion has already been heavily play-tested but we still have 1 month left planned of extra play-tests after the KS finishes. This means tweaks will most likely still occur. We welcome any feedback - this is the point of Kickstarter!

Introducing a new Building!

 The Sorceress Tower produces Curse and Blessing tokens:

  • Curse token: Place the Curse token on the building of an enemy. The Defense value of that building decreases by 1. Note that a building's Defense value cannot be below 1.
  • Blessing token: Remove all Curse tokens from one of your building. If there are no Curse tokens on the target building, the Blessing token stays and the next Curse will first discard the Blessing token.

Note that neither Curse or Blessing tokens are discarded at the end of a round and are cumulatives!

Introducing Spells cards!

 Spells are a new type of cards which also introduce a new type of damage. They can replace Defense or Attack cards, or complete them! Their goal is to provide more depth in your strategy and new ways to surprise your opponent!

  • Magic Manipulation will be key to players who love clean and fast decks. Either draw 2 cards or destroy one! 
  • Gold Touch lets you discard a card to gain 2 Gold tokens (storable).
  • Magic Potion lets you discard a card to gain 2 Beer tokens (storable).
  • Thunder provides a magic attack of Strength 2. Magic attacks cannot be defended with a normal defense card. Only a counter spells card like the Sorceress or Magic Shield can prevent these attacks.
  • Magic Shield is the most complete Defense card. It can either defend against normal units or counter a magic attack! 
  • Ice Trap is also a great middle ground. It provides a magic attack of 2 or an extra Defense of 2!

Introducing 4 Units!

  •  The Dreki is an interesting creature. When it attacks, it also drops an egg. If this egg is not destroyed when the player gets to play again next turn, the egg transforms into another Dreki! Double the love :)
  • The Dreki's Egg cannot be bought. It appears as the result of attacking with the Dreki! The egg becomes a 'building' that is attackable and will be destroyed if is successfully attacked.
  •  The Sorceress has an attack of 3 or can play as a counter-spell.
  •  The Shaman, which is an unit already present in the Odin's Path, is making its way as a permanent unit to buy! It is a great way to pick between attack or deck consumption.

Introducing 4 new Odin's Path

  • Destruction is a cheap and efficient way to either clean up or accelerate your deck. A no-brainer?
  • Necronomicon will let you grab a card from your discard pile.
  • Sheep Storm is the most powerful Spell of the game. Will you be able to afford it once it shows up in the Odin's Path to crush your enemies with magic? :)
  • Zap Trap lets you discard an unit attacking you.

Introducing 2 new End-Game Bonuses!

 Introducing 5 new Missions

  Introducing a new Divine Favor: Hel

In Norse mythology, Hel is a being who presides over a realm of the same name, where she receives a portion of the dead. She is referred to as a daughter of Loki.

 Note on Picking Cards  

  • We will provide you, in the expansion's rule book, various recommended cards setups. 
  • This is also a sandbox. You are free to include part or all the cards of game. Create your own constraints or combos. Everything is possible! 
  • Make sure to not include Missions and End-Game Bonuses about cards you did not include.

Note on Expansion Visuals

  • We plan to add a very specific and recognizable logo to each expansion cards for easy sorting. A great inspiration is the expansion of 'Lord of Waterdeep'. Obviously this logo is missing on these cards. 
  • If you spot any typos, please feel free to comment below!

Update on Social Stretch Goal!

One video! One video is the last thing left to do!
Get that telephone and have fun with it! 1500+ fellow-backers will love your for it.
Who doesn't want a Mini-Jörmungandr?!

All videos will be revealed once the Stretch Goal is unlocked!

 Until next time,

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    1. Rainer Åhlfors

      I assume all the typos and inconsistencies will be addressed before going to print? It does not look promising when every time new cards are shown there are a couple new mistakes.