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Bring your clan to victory in this mix of resource management and deck building game!
Bring your clan to victory in this mix of resource management and deck building game!
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Guild War Expansion - What's in the box?

Posted by Lucky Duck Games (Creator)

Arrrh Vikings!

Guild War Expansion - What's in the box?

 We have promised to go deeper in the expansions description and we will start today by the Guild Wars Expansion!

 The Guild War Expansion introduces some new core concepts which I will go over in details. Note that even if it includes a 2 vs 2 mode, all these cards (except 2 of them) can be used in a normal game.

 Disclaimer: this expansion has already been heavily play-tested but we still have 1 month left planned of extra play-tests after the KS finishes. This means tweaks will most likely still occur. We welcome any feedback - this is the point of Kickstarter!

Introducing 4 new Buildings!

  • The Booster Tower produces a defense token every round. These tokens are discarded on phase 5 (which means they are not cumulative). Place the defense token on any of your buildings during production phase.
  • The Forge produces a "+1 Strength+ token that can be used with any units when attacking. It is also discarded (even if unused) at the end of the round and is not cumulative.
  • The Wall Builder allows to spend 1 Gold per turn to build a wall. A wall has one purpose: the attackers is forced to attack the wall first before reaching the building behind (and scoring). One exception! If the attackers attack with a flying unit, they can ignore walls and target directly the building. A wall has a defense value of 1 and is discarded if successfully attacked.
  • The Guild Tower: Borrow a card from your teammate's hand, play it immediately and place it in his/her discard pile. Obviously, this card should only be played in a 2 vs 2 game mode.

Introducing 3 Units! 

  • The Bear Rider, which is an unit already present in the Odin's Path, is making its way as a permanent unit to buy!
  • The Fairy is the first flying unit introduced in the game. She can attack a building even if it has walls.
  • The Wall Breaker can either attack with a strength of 3 or destroy 2 walls.

Introducing 1 new Defense!

  • The Anti Air Tower will allow you to defend from both, normal units or flying units.

Introducing 8 Odin's Path cards!

  • The Cow Trap will let you push back on a flying unit attack. Note: I don't have the correct visual, this cards cost only 1 gold.
  • The Dwarf will destroy a single wall token. Note: I don't have the correct visual, this cards cost only 2 beers.
  • The Goblincopter is the second flying unit of the game.
  • The Valkyrie Wing adds a flying capacity to a unit card. Put wings on a Pigator and Voila! ;-)
  • The Mini-Cannon will let you choose between defense or buffing an attack!
  • The Transporter is the last and most powerful flying unit of the game. Will you be lucky enough to grab it from the Odin's Path?
  • The War Axe (also present in KSE pack) will let you add +2 Strength to a Unit.
  • The Hero Trap (also present in KSE pack) will let you discard a Hero card attacking you.

introducing 2 new End-Game Bonuses!

 Introducing 5 new Missions!

 Introducing a new Divine Favor: Ragnar!

 Ragnar's power is very specific to this expansion and will give a nice advantage to the one who will grab him (without unbalancing the game).

Guild War Mode (2 vs 2)!

 In Guild War mode, players pick a teammate and will share a single score marker.
Each teammate picks a guild card to visualize alliances. Players cannot sit next to there guild-mates.

 The game plays normally until one team reaches 40 points. The last round is still played and the End-Game Bonuses are resolved.

Few important details specific to this mode:
  - If both players own a Guild Tower, they can play a single card from their teammate during there turn.
  - When the active player passes at 5, 12 or 20 points, both teammates get a chance to pick a Divine Favor. The active player picks first.

Note on Picking Cards

  • We will provide you, in the expansion's rule book, various recommended cards setups.
  • This is also a sandbox. You are free to include part or all the cards of game.
    Create your own constraints or combos. Everything is possible!
  • Make sure to not include Missions and End-Game Bonus about cards you did not include.

Note on Expansion Visuals

  • We plan to add a very specific and recognizable logo to each expansion cards for easy sorting. A great inspiration is the expansion of 'Lord of Waterdeep'. Obviously this logo is missing on these cards.
  • If you spot any typos, please feel free to comment below!

Thanks to all of you for being here!

Until next time,

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    1. Ragamuffin Jojo

      Looks good, guys! Glad to hear Dwarf card only costs 2 first thought was "4 beers? That's a bit pricey for it's effect."

    2. Missing avatar

      Bartosz Reński on

      All expansions are bundled within ultimate pledge level.

    3. Justin

      I guess only ultimate pledge can get it.

    4. Justin

      Is this an addon or????

    5. Missing avatar

      David on

      Really enjoying the amount of player decision that goes into set up. I will be having as much time playing as I will trying to set up a balanced board for my play group. Great work.

    6. Missing avatar

      Sean Monson

      Is this included with my pledge, or do I have to add money as an addon?