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Mutants is an innovative deck-builder, featuring an asymmetric market, hand management, and long term planning.
Mutants is an innovative deck-builder, featuring an asymmetric market, hand management, and long term planning.
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Remember the Pledge Manager & How to redeem Drei, Space Corgi

Posted by Lucky Duck Games (Creator)
Dear Psy-Captains,

Don't forget to fill-up your Pledge Manager!

You should have received the invitation by email on November 28th, make sure to check your Spams as well. If you don't see the email, please contact us in private message or with

How to redeem Drei, Space Corgi?

Some of you have asked us how to redeem Drei, Space Corgi, which is part of the rewards for backing Mutants - The Card Game. We did it ourselves, and if you never played the online game before, you may struggle a bit to find how to redeem it. Follow along!

Please remember:

  • the link is one-time-use only, so make sure you are logged in to the proper Facebook account!
  • the link can only be redeemed with Facebook ; for any assistance regarding your game account please contact Celsius Online:

#1 Click the link you received by email. The first email we sent had an issue and did not contain the link, sorry for that! The next day we sent it again, and it worked. If you can't find such email, not even in your Spams, please contact us by private message or with

#2 Here is the pop-up that will show up when using the link. Remember to use it on PC!

#3 To redeem it, you will need to buy a few buildings. That's where you need to go:

#4 You want to look for the "Exchange office", which should be the first one in the list:

#5 Once built, click on it and click on the "Produce" icon:

#6 Depending on how much you've played the game, you may have a few things available there. Select the token you just got:

#7 Your Drei, Space Corgi needs 1 minute to be ready, or you can finish it with 1 Gold:

#8 When it's ready, click on Collect:

#9 It will go in your Inventory, which you can access here:

#10 Again, depending how far along you are in the game, you may have a lot of stuff there. Click on "Mutants" on top if you want to access it faster. When you see it, click on "Place":

#11 It goes in your Incubator:

#12 Your Mutant will need some time to be ready:

#13 Meanwhile, you will need to buy the zone where to place it when he will be ready. Drei, Space Corgi has 2 Genes: Zoomorph and Galactic. Choose whichever zone you want, you don't need both ; only 1 is required:

#14 When Drei, Space Corgi is ready, click on Retrieve:

#15 You can see all its details on this pop-up, and then click on "Place":

#16 Depending on what you chose, place it on the Zoomorph or the Galactic zone:

#17 And that's it! Your Mutant is now available for Combat.

Until next time,

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