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Mutants is an innovative deck-builder, featuring an asymmetric market, hand management, and long term planning.
Mutants is an innovative deck-builder, featuring an asymmetric market, hand management, and long term planning.
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Solo Mode & More Stretch Goals!

Posted by Lucky Duck Games (Creator)

Dear Psy-Captains,

Strech Goal #10 is unlocked!

The Liquidator is an elementary of water, the only one of its kind to cross the ages until the 24th century. Some genetic retouches have made him the perfect arena fighter. Beware of drowning!

Right next behind is Makino!

Solo Mode explained!

Winning Condition

You win Uprising if you defeat the boss. Unlike normal Mutants, you do not win by gaining points. Instead, each time you would gain points you will reduce the life off the boss by the number of points gained. If the Boss ever has zero (or less) life, you win immediately! 


Each round plays like a normal round of mutants with a few small changes. Before each of your turns the boss will take a turn, some mutant effects will work differently, and the round ends as soon as you run out of cards in your hand. These are described below. 

 Round Overview 

1. Boss Turn
   a. Check for Crush
   b. Push Active Card
   c. Play Card
2. Player Turn (as normal)
3. End of Round 

Boss Turn 

A. Check for Crush 

Check to see if the Boss Crushed you. If the Boss’ Power Track marker is in the Fury space, and yours is in the Dread space, you have been Crushed by the boss. The round ends immediately. Discard all cards in your hand. The boss then gains life equal to the number in the small black box on current space of the round track. Proceed to End of Round below. 

B. Push Active Card 

If there is a card in the Active Slot of the boss board it pushes to the left or right slot. The direction the card pushes is indicated by the arrow beside the title bar and points towards the left or right slot. 

Fatal Attractor, for example, points towards the right slot.
Fatal Attractor, for example, points towards the right slot.

 Push the card into that slot, pushing any card currently in that slot into the discard pile. When a card is pushed out of a slot, if it is not knocked down, activate its leave effect (if it has one). 

C. Play Card 

 Play the top card of the boss deck to the Active Slot on the boss board. If the card has a deploy effect, resolve it. If the boss needs to draw a card and cannot, shuffle its discard pile to form a new deck and then draw and play a card. Bosses do not freeze their own cards when they shuffle their discard pile! 

 Boss Abilities 

Most boss cards will either gain the boss power - moving its token up the arena track - or attack you, causing the effect described beside the attack following the normal attack rules. These effects work as they do in the normal game, moving tokens up and down the power track, knocking down cards and so on. Most bosses also have one new special type of ability: 

   a. Weaknesses      

2 examples of cards with Weaknesses
2 examples of cards with Weaknesses

A weakness ability shows a number, which is how much life the boss will lose if you shatter the weakness, and it will have text describing how you shatter the weakness. If ever the conditons described on a weakness ability that is face up in the bosses active, right, or left slot, is triggered, that weakness is immediately shattered. When you shatter a weakness first you reduce the bosses life by the number shown on the ability icon, then you remove that card from play. Put it back in the game box. It’s completely removed from the game and you won’t have to deal with it again! 

Player Turn 

After the boss takes a turn, you take a turn. Your turn follows the same steps as a player turn in a normal game of mutants, and you play according to most of the normal rules of mutants except where noted below. After you take your turn, unless you used your last card in hand, the boss takes a turn. Repeat this, the boss taking a turn then you taing one, until you play your last card. 

 Gaining Points - Whenever you gain points, such as by freezing or winning the arena at the end of the round (see below), reduce the bosses life by the number of points you gained. 

 Freezing - Whenever you freeze a mutant, put it face up in your freezer, then immediatley reduce the bosses life by that mutant’s freeze value. This means that Galactic mutants with variable freeze value will do more damage to the boss if you freeze them later in the game - after you have put a large number of mutants with their preferred gene into your freezer. 

 Affecting the Bosses Hand or Incubator - The boss does not have a hand or incubator. If a mutant ability would interact with the bosses hand or incubator, instead look at the top card of the boss deck then choose to either put it back on top of the boss deck or to put it into the boss’ discard pile. 

 Targeting Mutants - While thematically the bosses’ cards are often actions, if you have an ability or affect that targets opponents mutants (such as a knock down!), it can target the bosses cards as if they were mutants. 

 Last Card - When you play your last card the round ends immediately. The boss will not get another turn. 

Round End 

When the round ends perform round end steps as follows: 

1. If your token is higher on the power track than the bosses token, reduce the bosses life by the big number shown on the current round space of the round track. 

2. Advance the round track one space. If this was the fifth round, the game ends. If the boss has any life left it has beaten you! Try again, and use what you learned this game to beat it next time! 

3. Draw 6 cards into your hand, shuffling your deck and freezing a mutant as normal (if needed). 

4. Reset the arena track. Put your token in the Second space and the boss token one space behind it. 

5. The next round begins with the boss taking a turn.

Until next time,

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    1. Cris Zehil

      Swell! Can't wait to play solo as well!